Something I want tested

Sup everyone, Shinku Gadoken here. Something I was playing around with was how that, now in AE, Cody’s Crack Kick can be combo’d into Roundhouse Ruffian Kick. Now, This seemed strange, but it looked like I could go from Roundhouse Ruffian, FADC, Into Crack Kick and Another Roundhouse Ruffian for a second FADC Into Ultra 1. But I can’t quite hit the timing for it. Can anyone test this to see if it’s possible? Thanks! ~Shinku Gadoken

not possible.
hk ruffian puts opponent into jp1 state where u1 / any ruffian / and crack kick hit. after the crack kick, the opponent is considered in jp2 state, where only ex criminal upper (tornando only since first hit is also jp1) and u2 (dust only) hit.

Alright, thanks for setting it straight for me. I was gonna update the Cody Database with that data but it’s not possible. Thanks man.