Something i want to share

so i was playing a while ago with msp and i was up with juggy(cpu) . i just did trijump HK -> -> addf hk -> -> sj. lk lk ->[ad backwards lk lk -> HGxxTempest]. bam.

i placed it on parenthesis to stress it out. cuz at that time, i was really planning to do the ad-forward HGxxTempest, but i was so close to juggy that i thought i was facing the other way around. looks nice though, the 2 lk hits juggy when dashing backwards and connects to HGxxTempest. maybe this was already done on vids, but looks cool though. if not yet. Good sh*t to me. LOL…

can anyone tell me if you’ve seen like this before? in any vids maybe? or matches. i want to know .thanks

why would you go backwards rather than dash forward lk, mk, then HGxxTempest?

if you go backwards then you won’t be able to hit them with lk, mk after the super, to then continue to rom them.

and yeah stuff like that has been done in many vids, and example would be roming sentinel in the corner, then sj lk mk, dash forward lk, mk, HGxxTempest, lk, mk, etc.

going backwards was an accident. it was supposed to be forwards. yeah… i guess so. thanks anyway… i was just shocked and amazed that going backwardswould work though. LOL.

mags is sooo broken