Something I've heard about SF4


I know lots of speculation have been running around concerning Street Fighter 4, most of it being nothing more than hoaxes, misinterpretation, or silly rumors.

I noticed sfdevotion talked about receiving some weird email from a Japanese guy (presumably working for Capcom), and it made me think about my own, weird SF4-related experience.

One of my best buddies was at the EBGames Vendor’s Show last week, which was held Ottawa, and hanged around the Capcom booth. He’s as much of a Street Fighter fan as I am, so he asked the rep about the Street Fighter 4 rumors. The rep seemed surprised to see somebody that was still into fighting games, and told him there just might be good news around the corner. He asked him “You like 3D fighters, don’t you?”

My buddy shook his head, saying that he was into 2D fighters. The rep looked at him funny, and stopped caring about him, going over to the other attendees.

What does this mean? Could the rumored SF4 be really some half-assed 3D effort after all?

This sounds weird, and doesn’t fit with the e-mail sfdevotion received, but again, I don’t know if I can trust anything regarding SF4 anymore…

I just felt like sharing this.

Screw 3d!

Not ‘screw 3D’, FUCK 3D in the EAR!!! (till it bleeeeeeeeeeeds)


I hope not

I think the main stream Street Fighter should stick to 2D
Any 3D Street Fighter should be a spin off, like EX and Capcom Fighting Allstars.

So long as the game gets made I don’t care. Been waiting for it for over five years now.

I heard that it was going to only have 4 playable characters and only 64 bits of graphics. The rest of the memory will be used for millions of different costumes for the 4 characters.

I read it in one of those magazines… TIME I think it was.

I’ll cry if it has 3D characters in it. If it had 3D backgrounds I guess it wouldn’t be so bad, but I wanna see sprites! High res, fluidly animated sprites! It’d be nice if they were shaded a bit better than the Alpha and 3 series though, more like the KOF games or SvC Chaos, I like that style, closer to SF2, more realistic. But I’d be happy no mater what, as long as it’s has 2D sprites and a good selection of characters.

Bring Delta Red Cammy back! And Col. Wolfman would be a rad character in the game, kinda like how they added Charlie to Alpha.

I’d play it either way, i’ll ask my boss to ask when he goes to the vendor show next week.

If they did a 3D SF i’d love to see a create your own fighter mode, although it would be difficult to pull off in arcades and would throw the whole competitive scene out of whack.

I’d still prefer 2D though.

Well, what that rep said didn’t mean anything. Or rather… what he didn’t say. But it’s ominous…

Honestly, ever since Noritaka Funamizu left Capcom, I’m not hoping for much from them.

Didn’t I read somewhere that if Capcom make SF4, it will be a home version only, with no arcade machine? That contradicts what that guy said in his email to SFD.


3D is nice. But not for a “main series” Street Fighter.

I’m not against 3D. I’m open to it as it can work, but seeing as Capcom have very little experience in that area to make a high class 3D fighter that would stand out amongst the likes of Tekken, VF, DOA and SC, it’s little use of them taking the risk.

I’m sure they could pull it off, but not if they work like they currently do. That being, re-hash jobs, half-hearted attempts at games, lack of creativity and so forth.

I’d prefer 2D, but they may opt for 3D either cause they’ve finally figured out how to do a 3D one that plays well and because it’ll gain more sales, simply because you have idiots who refuse to play 2D things because they feel it’s crappy looking (as I said, idiots) and would snap up anything that looks good and is 3D.

Then, there’s always the extra choice to do 2 versions. 2D and 3D (someone mentioned this on the Capcom BBS, but I already mentioned this years ago anyway). It’s a lot to ask for and a LOT of work, but if they’ve got the money (which is doubtful) and a set of 2 excellent development teams working on them, it can be done. This way everyone is happy. 3D haters and 2D haters.

Anyway, again, let’s just let Capcom reveal it in their own time. Nothing sucks worse than rushing a company to only be severly disappointed because we were impatient little runts (though I am aware half a decade of waiting is lengthy).

Well, Soul Calibur 3 is console-only as of now and SC3 would obviously make more in the arcades than SF4, so…

Anyway, if SF4 is 3D, as long as it’s well done 3D, it’ll be welcome. Will I miss the sprites? Hell yes I will, but 3D SF is better than Capcom Fighting Evolution…

I mean… No SF at all…


If Capcom goes 3D, I’d love a Cel-shaded style to fit with the look of the Street Fighter Alpha games. Something like the Naruto games, anybody ever seen them? That’s one of the best exemple of 3D cel-shaded fighting game graphics, even though the game itself kinda blows.

I don’t want the SF guys to end up looking like the Maximum Impact guys…

But again, for some reason, the USA hates cel-shading X_x

3D…count me out.

If SF4 is being developed we’re still uncertain as to who is developing, I mean it could be Capcom of America for all we know, and if thats the case god help us given the new Final Fight game they’re coming out with.

2D Vs 3D

Its true that 2D is kinda dead in terms of the console market (or sales in the conosle market I should say) so it wouldn’t be so smart to make an all new SF game in 2D.

However I feel that the core SF series, ie SF1-3 (and 4) should always be 2D, and if they want to make it 3D then attach a subtitle or something so that we know that its supposed to be diffrient or whatever.

At this years SDCC, I asked the Capcom panel, CoJ and CoA where there.
They said there is something in the works for SFIV, but that’s all they said.