Something I've thought about for a long time now (Bloodsport fans)

Why wasn’t Chong Li disqualified in his bout with Frank Dux. I mean that shit should have been an instant disqualification. You telling me no one in that entire arena saw him throw that pixie dust in his eyes? What’s even worse is that they didn’t take it to the scorecards afterwards. They just let Chong beat up on Frank Dux until he finally realized his inner saiyan. I guess it served that cheatin ass son of a bitch right. He got his ass wooped by a blind man.

Come on man… No rules. Fight to survive.

I have a crazy idea, and the reason behind it is…

because it was a movie. I know I know that sounds insane, but just think about it for a second. :looney:

have some fun with it man :looney:

The real question is why did he make it that far anyway. If Jackson would have finished the damn job instead of celebrating it’d have been a Dux vs Jackson final.


I’m thinking that after he killed one guy and messed up the leg of frank’s buddy, Not to mention what happened in the monkey man Vs. sumo match, I’m sure they’ll let some powder puffing slide.


i want glasses and a mullet like Lin (little asian manager for the americans).

WTF was that black agent trying to eat with the chopsticks? It looked like somebody made Ravioli-O’s, and cooked whole oysters into it (sans shell).

that black agent is FOREST WHITAKER. (can’t remember his character name).

I came in to say…a classic movie.

this and Kickboxer are some of the best movies to “double feature”

so much win.

That always aggravated the shit out of me.

He hit him three times and the stupid ass was like ‘YEAH, I GOT HIM. I’LL JUST TURN AROUND AND PLAY TO THE CROWD LIKE A JACKASS NOW. YARRRR’. Fucking moron deserved to get his neck broke … or leg broke. It was his leg wasn’t it? It looked like he jumped and stomped on his head though. : u

Great movie. They let it go probably because there were no rules and the fight was just too damn good.

Or because it’s a movie and that kind of thing happens.

“I break you like i break your friend”

I would hate to be a black guy & have Chong Li curb stomp me…

Anyway, JCVD should have gotten the DQ when he used the ref assist. Since when are you allowed to use a ref as a springboard…When Chong Li threw that powder is was very discreet you bozo!

Word, we (the people watching the movie) only noticed the powder because its a freakin’ movie. No one in the movie noticed that shit, it was mad discreet.

You bleed like Mai li. Mai li good fuck! oh wait…

If you look closely you’ll see he never actually puts any of that food in his mouth. Forest didnt know what the fuck it was either lol. My brother and i peeped that years ago lol

Nobody had the balls to disqualify Chong Li. Plus frank wouldnt have wanted to win like that either, so the DQ would never stick. When Chong killed that other poor bastard all they did was turn their back on him. he should of got DQ’d for that lol

What are your feeling on Frank Dux accomplishment? Real or Myth?

one of the early ufc participants got invited to be in the UFC because he beat up Frank Dux in the lobby of a karate tourney

I think there was a history channel (Or some other network) special about Frank Dux calling him out on a lot of BS.

Chong Li! Chong Li! Chong Li! Chong Li!