Something new for Baldur's Gate? has a clock ticking down right now… I have no idea what its for.

Of course if its not a real new Baldur’s Gate game then Bioware can for a second time go jump off a cliff…and dear God please don’t use D&D 4e… its terrible… but I’m stuck because if you’re going to make a Baldur’s Gate (which is a Wizards of the Coast franchise via Forgotten Realms) then if you’re going to make a real game you’d have to make it D&D 4e…

2 hours 52 minutes to go… Get hype??? Or get scared…

Well timer’s done, and the link that replaced it doesn’t seem to do much.

“Atari, Wizards of the Coast, and Overhaul Games are pleased to announce work has begun on the Enhanced Edition of Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II.”

Well then… I might replay these when done.

Imoen pr0n?

If it’s a new Baldur’s Gate game, I’m sure it won’t take them very long to make it. They can just Google image search everything for all their art and just photoshop it in five minutes. Bam, all your production time for art is done.

lol @ Bioware

Bioware can’t figure out how to Google.

They just keep mashing A…

If a new Baldur’s Gate game is ever made it will be called Dragon Age 3: Baldur’s Gate.

3 classess to choose from. Warrior, Mage, Thief. About 3 damage abilities per class, so you can easely play it with a pad. It will also be a 3rd person action game. No companions and yes maps will be reused, you don’t want to confuse the poor souls of having to deal with item management and new maps and shit. You will however meet your old companions from Baldur’s Gate 2, who for some reason are now whiny, agressively gay and terrorists for no reason whatsoever. The game will sell at 69.99$, have no real ending and DLC will already be on the disk for you to purchase it in the future.

For real though, if you’re expecting a real sequel that can stand next to the monolith that was BG2, LoL, good luck with that buddy, you ain’t getting it.

"reforged infinity engine"
I dunno how I feel about that.



Baldur’s Gate 2 is my 2nd favorite game of all time, and I’ve come to peace with the fact that a game that amazing cannot be matched, especially after Dragon Age came out (btw, I love Dragon Age).

Now read this:

I’m sold.

Send that to Bioware, by all means.

God knows they could use the help.

[spoiler=]I’m glad I am not incontinent… that was pee-inducingly funny.[/spoiler]

I also enjoy Dragon Age. Awakenings in specific. I was mostly refering to Dragon Age 2.

I read your quoted article and ummmm I rather have HD graphics with old gameplay then “Action RPG/ Hack’n’Slash” with old graphics… The words “Modernized Version” scare the FUCK outta me, man. That’s fancy talk for “dumbing down”. I hope I’m wrong. They did say they will stay true to the original so, they most likely won’t change that much. I will definatly pick this up when it comes out. New content sounds good too.