Something strange with my presentation

Several days ago, I opened my Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 file and it popped up a message: PowerPoint cannot read **.pptx. Can someone suggest methods to repair powerpoint data?

I unfortunately can’t provide very much help in this situation, but keep in mind that this “Tech Talk” forum is mainly focused on arcade stick tech, not general computer software tech.

Sorry but…LOL!

I understand, but local users can have another view on the problem.

As soon as appeared PowerPoint repair online. I started to check it on my corrupted .ppt and .pptx files – it viewed full restoration all of them.

@FreedomGundam is 110% correct. This is not even the place for a question, should it even need be asked in this forum in the first place (which it really doesn’t). We have a Q&A thread for all questions [HERE](Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

I mean…cmon! Your first post on SRK (a forum for fighting games and related controller tech) is a question about…frickin’ PowerPoint? Seriously?!

THIS is the place for that question. You’ll actually get someone who will know how to solve your issue.