Something that I don't get about air combos with flying characters

In youtube videos, when Iron Man, Magneto, Trish, Dr.Doom, etc. perform air combos in flying mode, the opponents seem to be stuck in place, making it easy for them to keep striking.

But when I try to throw another punch right after I activated the flying mode, the next punch pushes the opponent away which makes it hard to land the next punch.

What did I miss?

I only started playing MVC3 a month ago, so my apologies if I don’t know they have something to do with the released patches.

I’m thinking either:

a) hitstun deterioration


b) bad timing on the attack. Some chars have to delay their air attacks after a launcher - whereas some chars just have to start air combos immediately after the super jump.

Part of it can also be you’re not canceling into flight fast enough. What I do with those characters is immediately cancel to flight after I hit :h:, I’ve head some people plink their flight. You can also do the QCB while you hit :h: and then hit :s:. It’ll look like :d::db::h::b::s: on input display.

It’s just a difficult timing when you’re not used to it. You just have to get a rhythm for flight combos.

Don’t you have to airdash forward to keep it going?

depends on the character, sent for instance has a easy as fuck flight combo and u don’t air dash with him

Magnetos the only one that needs to air dash in combos usually, possibly storm and a little doom. Doom uses foot dive more and usually air dashes forward a few times ( maybe w times ).

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Both Magneto, Storm and Doom utilize flight mode dash cancels.

Whats the timing supposed to look like with Magneto’s Air-Dash Cancel combos? Rattle it out fast as possible or is there a cue of some kind to wait for?