Something that made the transition very nicely from third strike


yes, it works, now go have at those comulpulsive jumpers. HCF+K xx QCB+PPP is the input

Yep I did that to someone online 2 days ago. It felt good too.

Hmm…I gotta try that. If I could master that, nobody would dare jump at me. :badboy:

Wow… really?

Thats… fuck me, thats awesome.

i think this requires a VIDEOOOOOOO

You don’t even need to get that clever. whomever is unfortunate enough to land on the cross from a jump eats full damage. Although I will try it, looks like something that would just psychological harm somebody.

More for cross up attempts in my mind, I have escaped many of those using ducking…

Very good find man, I find it’s a little easier to do than the 3S counterpart, but I’m having a tough time with my duckings, my reaction time is a wee bit off these days.

Excellent find. Putting it to good use!

With Ultra? Wow GREAT find dude!

More New Technologies!

With Ultra? Wow GREAT find dude!

More New Technologies!

God this is difficult to do with shortcuts… Keep getting EX Machinegun Blow lol

Oh man we’re on some Vic Vance shit in this thread!!!

Forgive me if I’m missing something, but why duck.

Rule of Cool.

off hand ducking does a couple of things, moves you forward with projectile invincibility, so you move forward much faster than just dashing forward, with a much smaller hit box since you’re crouched down. A good application of this would be ibuki’s cross up kunais (theoretically), since she throws the kunais and lands behind you, she completely committed until she hits the ground so a lk ducking should avoid the kunai and be close enough to be hit with the ultra. I think the ex kunai would beat it though.

I don’t think you can do anything against Ibuki’s cross-up kunais if they do it right. I have tried ducking through them and I’ll get the reversal to come out, but still eat it. This is seems most useful as an anti-crossup as you can just Ultra II a jump-in on reaction and it will take less time to come out. Good stuff epy0nkaru, too bad Corkscrew Blow is no longer 1-frame startup T_T.

Awesome find my friend…Need all the tips I can get switching from akuma…And never playing dudley in 3s =/

TBH those kind of shenanigans were only necessary in 3s. Unless they’re landing far away theres no reason to not just super, or better yet trade upper duck upper super.

Nope…ultra doesnt cancel from duck.

Rolling thunder probably should have, it would’ve made it a lot more useful. Doesn’t go far enough imo.