Something to note regarding TAP



This might seem obvious to a lot of people (it’s right in the frame data) but it’s something that was seriously messing up my game and I only recently noticed what was going on. Hopefully it helps someone.

I had taken the habit from Super Turbo of simply holding TAP and releasing it whenever I saw an opportunity. I saw SF4 videos where high level players did TAP right in people’s faces and assumed they were basically just doing this as well.

The thing I failed to realize was that they were being very careful to only do level 1 TAP since the higher versions are extremely unsafe on block. It’s a totally different mentality because rather than simply storing the TAP charge as long as you like, you need to learn to skillfully start and stop the charge during normals and blockstrings so that you don’t do higher than level 1.

I think the reason it took me a while to realize this is that a lot of players try to punish level 1 TAP, eat a combo, and assume from then on that TAP is very safe. Thus I was able to get away with doing level 2 quite a bit, but really good players (which are relatively rare) will punish it nearly every time. I think it was also difficult for me to come to terms with higher level TAP being rendered a useless gimmick. Since the act of maintaining it is already very crippling, it seemed illogical that it would be so punishable as well.


I’ll also add that using a macro button makes holding TAP much easier, generally holding all kicks since Balrog can still be rather functional with just the three punches available (you can still do headbutt and by extension bnb into U1/Super etc), hell you can still knock down with dash low given the right situation.

Also keep in mind that if you FADC any level TAP it has the same frame advantage of lvl 1 TAP on block (-2), and that Balrog travels shorter distances the higher level the TAP. Generally to me it seems like a Final TAP doesn’t have the same horizontal range as lvl 1 TAP, but the higher the level the MORE active frames so there’s a push and pull.

High level TAPS have their specific uses. I feel that against Seth, Dhalsim (to some degree) and Vega. Being as lame as possible and charging TAP is a viable tactic to a characters who can generally control the match full-screen and within ranges Balrog is ineffective at.


#1b. All TAPs are highly punishable upon approach. All TAPs aren’t punishable on hit. The FGC is concerned about moves being punishable on block. How come the FGC doesn’t learn how to make an attack hit on offense and punish moves before hit or block on defense?
#2b. The video below was created to expand the minds of all players. You may dislike what is shown in the video. If that is true, I hope at least the video increased what is possible for you.


I JUST realized something from watching new Red Focus videos… We can Red Focus Cancel into our Ultra 1/2… That means we can TAP into red focus, then right into Ultra Combo… which means huge, very minimally scaled damage/stun from U1/U2.