Something unreliable?



Hello :slight_smile:

So I’ve been playing sfxt for a little while, I main gief for the most part while still looking for a good partner, and I usually do two things that work for me. However, they seem unreliable in most cases, so I was hoping for some feedback. Any and all help is appreciated, and if this is in the wrong place I apologize.

First off is that, as the topic said, I usually run gief as an anchor with a battery up front. I’ve found most success with Ryu because of how simple things are, but thats beside the point. Once I hit 3 bars, I find myself being risky in that I’ll do a jump in and do a launcher combo on block, then tag in gief to a quick super. It works a lot since people have a mentality to punish the launcher combo, but at the same time I wonder if its too easy to read.

Second is Pandora. I usually run the 30% attack boost on gief for going into pandora, and when say Ryu is very low on hp and the opponent is moving in for the kill, I quickly pop pandora into Gief super. It goes a fair amount (almost 500) and I’ve landed a few wins using it simply because people don’t expect it. However, once again, it seems really unreliable to use.

So should I not use these tactics, or is it okay to use them? I’m not very high ranked, mind you (I’m just brisking the early 1000s) so is it just the ranking?


Yes! Don’t! Do! It! :slight_smile:

Risky, Unreliable, Meterwaste.

If you want to try something new: I use Gief on point with Hwoarang to burn the meter. Amazing team imo. Every Tag in brings easily 400+ Damage with 1 Meter.
Anti Air Combos with 400 damage with 1 Meter