Something wrong with my 2k4 Evo dvd set (bootlegs)?

I just bought a used set of Evo 2k4 dvd’s from someone online. The Evo dvd site says that there are supposed to be 4 double sided dvd’s in the 2k4 set. I received 7 single sided dvd’s however and there is no VF4 footage on them. Also, these discs are in dvd-r format (although the cases and discs look professionally printed).

Are these authentic 2k4 dvd’s? If so, where is the VF4 matches?

EDIT: Just realized that it doesn’t say 2k4 anywhere on the DVD’s or cases. Just “Evolution Fighting Game Championship” with the logo on front and the disc number “1 & 2” “3 & 4” “5 & 6” “7”. Figure it’s gotta be 2k4 though since Soul Calibur II is on disc 7.

bootleg owns


Here’s a pic of the set btw:

those are the new versions that are being printed through custom flix. they are not bootleg.

Mr. Wizard knows all… Whos your assistant??? That I’d like to know.