Something's wrong with SRK? Or is it just me?


Didnt know where to post this… Every time I go to a post or anywhere on srk, there is this big banner that takes up like half my screen, and I cant see the first half of most posts, and I cant see all the other different topics on the top where it shows all of them. Please help me because it gets pretty irritating not being able to see everything on the screen.


Not just you, there’s been some talk about these ads in the feedback forum. In the top right of the banner ad, there will be either an ‘x’ or ‘collapse’. Click on that. Then try not to have your mouse scroll over it to stop it from expanding. It’s pretty annoying.


Yeah SRK is acting up on my part too.


I get the ComplexGames bar right across my browser when using the stock Android browser.


what Ive found is; when you click to go to a new page, bring your mouse cursor down to the bottom of the page immediatly after clicking for a new page.
if the cursor is anywhere inside the advertisement twhen the page loads, you will get the 3/4 page ad about demin or whtev the F it is.


Same here. Most of the time when i want to check the top area to see if anyone quoted me recently, the damn ad banner is covering things! Arrrrgggggggg!!!


On top of ad issues, I’ve been getting database errors and server time outs for a month now.


I thought it was just me as well. The control panel-bar thingy is usually at the bottom whenever the ads take up half the screen.