Sometimes I feel like I am missing something

Lately I have been playing Dr. Strange on point (inspired by Ryan Hunter) and I understand that this guy has horrible normals, and I can live with this. So a lot of the time I try to set up mix ups by calling assists to either teleport or just move to gain some space for some projectiles or what have you. Anyway playing in player matches I just kept getting blown up, I find myself in stupid situations where my assists always gets punished, my normals always gets beat and when I go for the rematch I say to myself “Alright, I’ll defend and just try to keep safe.” and then I just get air thrown ( thrown or even simple low/high mix up) all day when I try not to press buttons.
What the hell is this?! Honestly been playing this game for awhile with a number of different teams ranging from all different tiers and I just don’t get.

well there is no answer to provide as you arent to specific. the only advice ou can be given with this is pick a better character that has better normals and airdashes, pick haggar so that people are forced to respect stranges space. call assist in better locations…

one of the worst places to call assist is right next to your point character… easy happy birthdasy there and that how they mostly happen… so try and only call assist as your teleporting to a (far) away adversary (this way there will be a big spacial separation between strange and the assist he calls… the assist will protect stranges teleport and strange can protect the assist by being away from them ready to sov should the assist be picked up by the enemy.

basically as i see it if your assists are getting stuffed/ punished alot it means 2 things:

you are calling them out while your opponent is close. you ae calling them out in non blockstun/hitstun situations.

the way i see it, strange has a hard time calling assist cause of his bad normals and specials plus people wont want to give him any space to allow him to get out EOE and whatnot… 3 yellows etc etc. haggar can probably help with that alot… but you’d have to use haggar… though haggar might be pretty awesome with BOB cause they have to choose to duck it and get overheaded by pipe… or block it for the incredible amount of staggered blockstun that it gives…

anywho yeah.


My bad I could of sworn I posted my current team. Right now I am using Strange( Daggers)/ Dante (Jam Session)/ Taskmaster (H. Arrows). To be more specific when I play with Jam Session I usually try to gain some distance by calling it and jumping back but as you know if Dante gets hit before the lightning comes out it gets stuffed, or they just dodge the whole thing and I am back to square one.If I play with Weasel Shot he doesn’t get punished as much since he jumps back from where my point is but then I have two horizontal assists and one of which isn’t full screen.

Funny little moment I went though in player match, was against a Vergil on point, trying to gain advantage, I call Dante and I jumped over the Vergil. He taps Dante with his s.L and then auto corrects s.M to hit my Strange. Same player I called Taskmaster and teleported, he teleports that same moment I end up in front of Vergil even though I did the M version and he ends up behind Task so no arrows and stringers for an easy happy birthday. Ya, I was pissed.

ok so 1st thing you should know is that i DONT play strange at all… so all this stuff i about to say is theory and theory has a way of… not working (depending on how smart ones theory actually is…) that having been said im a BIG fan of strange. so ive studied the character from afar for awhile i dont use him as i see his weaknesses as overpowering his strengths… atleast from my perspective strength as a player… it would differ for others.

i see this game as a game of patterns, the simpler and more effective the pattern the better. if its super simple and super effective… thats when we go into derp mode… i look for derp mode shit… im always trying to find the derp… the more derp the better etc etc… the caveat is that i try to find derp shit on shitty characters or characters that arent seen that much.

imho the pattern of call dante then jumpback with strange isnt good (read: DERPY) enough, its ok for sure… but as you said dante doesnt have invincibility on jam, so he can get stuffed. this means that a better pattern with strange and dante (in the neutral game) would seek to cover dante with something invincible or near invincible… strange only has one or 2 moves that can do that while also allowing strange to separate himself from dante so as to keep the happy birthdays to a minimum:

backdash x1 or 2 + jam session then FOF or dp+M (forget the name of his 8 durability fireball move) that pattern seeks to address alot of problems inherent in calling non invincible assists while not being super susceptible to dash ins or airdash ins. you basically call out dantes high priority jam while creating space from it, while ALSO covering it with a fireball should it get outprioritized by an opponents normal.

this is FAR from a perfect pattern and isnt really derpy enough either… but it can be something simple to base your neutral game offense on, in order to gain time to call an eye of agamotto after the FOF or the DP+M. t does the same thing as jumpback +jam… except that that doesnt cover dante. which is why that pattern imho would be more prone to getting stuffed.

anywho, yeah… instead of jam i would make it a priority to haggar or hulk on my team rather than session… jam is better for flight characters that can cover it with angled air fireballs or long range limbs (ironman, sent, firebrand etc.) if strange had a fireball that angled down (FOF towards a grounded orb counts…but barely) then i would see the jump back +session as being better.

and finally, once you’ve got that pattern that i mentioned working you can mix it up with calling a M rings instead of FOF or dpm and setup a self crossup. but you’d need the opponent to respect the fact that dante usually has coverage, first.

when you ARE covering dante with dp+m you will probably want more bang for your buck than just a blocked or hit dp+m… so maybe you should then superjump or EOA or … er whatever you can think of that the pattern gves you time for when dante gets blocked.

as i said though this is all complete theory fighter. strange has a wack ass backdash so you may need to plink dash backwards x2 or 3 while calling dante which will kill some alot of your frame advantage. anywho thats why i wouldnt use jam session but instead use haggar… but thats me… i feel damn near any assist can suffice as long as the player is very smart about how they use said assists.


Strange has an issue that if he calls EoE and he gets hit, it disappears (same with Daggers) but I’ll jump back on using it just to see if I can cover Dante and I’m going to get into the habit to use Mystic sword more as well. Hagger as a good assist (and I love him as a character) but brings other issues. He is horrid anchor and as a second he doesn’t DHC well with the rest of the team. Also Jam Session isn’t that bad for Vultures (floaty characters like Trish, Morg, etc) I think another issue with my team currently, that it maybe it might be more wise to just play Dante as point and Strange second, or at the very least alternate on the match ups.

Just keep your space. I use Haggar assist to help with this problem but there’s tons of annoying things you can do to keep away from your opponent. Even if you’re close, Assist + M Teleportation pretty much covers everything because they can’t punish the assist as long as they don’t punish the startup. You can also wavedash backwards and spam TK’d L Daggers of Denak (faster than grounded I think), and eventually mix in the TK’d M version or just EoA. As Dime mentioned, M Mystic Sword is also really good for the purpose of clearing out the screen to cover an assist.

You won’t want to put Haggar as anchor, probably second like I do, or you’ll have to deal with his horrible anchor abilities. He DHC’s very well with Strange and everything can DHC into arrows so that’s not an issue at all. Hit me up if you’re on PSN and you need some advice/someone to play against. I may be a little rusty with Strange but I think I’m still decent. I’d like to think that, anyway. :wink:

I am going to stick it out with Dante, I think I just need to work on my basics. I’ll try to remember to add you when I get home. Mine is Orestes1214