"Sometimes i wonder..is it worth fighting at all?" MvC3 Spencer Q&A's Thread



So I’ve been searching everywhere and I’m convinced that Spencer does not have a level 3 Hyper… am I missing something?

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Short Hop into M Wire Grapple

he doesn’t have a level 3


Thanks for the response. After playing around with him some more, I’m ok with that. I just hope his somewhat lacking movelist doesn’t make him low-tier like Guile was in Vanilla SF4.


I am having so much fun with Spencer. For the minimum amount of moves he has he hits pretty hard and both his Hypers can be combo ed off his armor piercer with that and follow ups. I think his damage is pretty good.


Lol, Guile’s “limited” movelist didn’t make him low-tier.

It’s about quality, not quantity, bub.


You’ve got a point. I clearly lack a firm understanding when it comes what makes a character hi or low tier in any game, let alone Street Fighter.


Spencer lacks a level 3.


Why was this bumped…?


I’m trying to main him, and theres combo’s you shouldn’t open with, and should open with Spencer.

What do you all think those arE?


dont Zip to your opponent without an assist covering you, since youre at disadvantage when you do it.


Do short up, call an assist and immediately zip over.

If your assist connects, you can combo out with J.S


Try to do like the above said, jump call assist press :l:+:s:, u will go behind them if they are not in the corner or jump call assist press :u::l:+:s:, when ur at a good range press :h: to cancel the zip and hit them to start whatever combo.

When starting a combo i go with cr.:m:,cr.:h:, that will lift them off the ground so that i can do my zip :l:+:s: towards them, then u can do what ever u want. Go to the combo thread an look at the combos they have in the last page thats the one im doing mid screen now.
when up close u can jump :h: then do ground cr.:m: cr.:h: etc, or after using an assist when they block do :f::h: for your overhead, after the over head i usually go cr.:l:cr.:m:cr.:h:.
Try those to start… Dont ever go in stupid, try super jumping call assist then zip horizontal vertical etc to get an opening, also put in :qcf::l: on the ground or jump :qcf::m: after they block ur assist sometimes the open up.

  • Don’t use antiair, aerial, or close-range claw grab unless you can hit confirm it (i.e in combos or to punish visible moves.)

  • Don’t use Bionic Launcher to punish moves when you’re all the way on the other side of the screen.

And pretty much everything else that’s been said already.


His grapples aren’t zoning tools. I face too many Spencers that randomly throw one out and I destroy them for it. Don’t use them outside of combos or for punishment


The :f::d::df::h: version of his command grab can be used as a reset trap when opponent is recovering in the air & is cornered


Need to learn what supers you can/can’t boinic arm, like HSF or any taskmaster non super arrows. You have to cover your f+heavy with assist and all zip lines need to be covered with assists. Learn that u have to zip onto a charcter with super armor, not over. Ziplining straight down seems so pointless even as a mixup so i would never use that. Also alot of characters can on reaction super full screen air zips, meaning mix up those with downfawrd zips to mind game people.

Spencer has very little stuff to approach/mixup if he doesn’t have an assist so never make him your anchor.


Pair him up with an assist that works mid-close range and an assist that works mid-far range. Spencer doesn’t have a lot of good defensive options and needs to take the pace in the fight, so a defensive assist and a ranged assist to help him get in on the opponent. You want the assist to take a little longer, so that you have the time to jump, zip and attack.
So close range someone like Haggar, Dante, Hsien-ko and Hulk can work and distance someone like Iron Man, Sentinel, Dr. Doom and Ammy.


Solid suggestions in here. I want to reiterate a couple points and make some of my own after playing some players this afternoon who went to wednesday night fights this week.

Important Do’s
-Have one assist to help you get in (see below) and one assist to help you once you’re inside. Spencer’s a bit one dimensional once he actually gets inside so have an assist to help you land your shit once you’re in there.
-Use a beam / multi-hit projectile cover assist. Getting in with Spencer is 10x more difficult and less safe without one.
-Use this assist to cover you as you’re flying over them with grapple wire to set up air :s: ambiguous crossups, as mentioned by other posters.
-Use his overhead, :f:+:h:. Time your projectile assist to cover it’s recovery in case it’s blocked. It can lead into big damage and shouldn’t be ignored.
-Remember that you don’t *need *to grapple wire above their head to get in; you can, walk, dash, and regular jump into d/f grapple (triangle grapple) to close the distance. Aerial wires get predictable and can be easily reacted to / punished if you get sloppy.
-Use his command grab. Make the opponent know you’re willing to use it every now and then.
-Plan ahead of your grapple wires. Have a reason to grapple backwards, forwards, and above people’s heads, and if it goes wrong, have (at least) a general back up plan.
-Have at least one solid DHC option on your character behind Spencer. Both lancer, and maneuvers in the corner (the only place it should be used) have wide DHC windows for potentially big damage via a DHC.

Important Don’ts
-Don’t lancer randomly without DHC plans. Shit’s mad punishable and makes you look scrub.
-Don’t end combos on the ground prematurely to go for mixup before launching at least once. 95% of the time, passing on a Spencer juggle for mixup is idiotic.
-Don’t overuse the command throw. It’s unreliable, comes out slow, and a miss will be punished severely.
-Don’t x-factor after you land a lancer to connect with another one unless the first lancer hit two characters, and one of them will be dead after the second. Huge waste of meter which I see so many players succumbing to.

As far as important stuff this is all that jumps out at me for the time being. Should we start a match up thread? A lot of general game play suggestions apply to certain characters.


Yea we should!!!


DO NOT be afraid to retreat once in awhile. you zip line back with a assist covering you.