Sometimes, my block seems to break halfway an attack

I don’t understand … I notice this happens mostly against Wesker (Where he flies around bouncing off walls) and Amaterasu’s (Pretty obvious which one since the other doesn’t attack) Lvl 1 Hypers.

I mean, I don’t change my block direction at all … Lets say they’re on the left half of the screen I hold my stick Left to block and I do block the first couple hits … But somehow towards the end the last couple of hits just manage to find their way in. For Amaterasu it’s usually the thunderbolts that get me, the fire and ice is blocked just fine.

Is there supposed to be a special way to block this? Or is there some game mechanic that I’m unaware of.

Wesker’s seems to randomly cross you up at times. If you advance guard the first couple of hits, I’m pretty sure you won’t get crossed up. Have no idea about Ammy’s, it’s never happened to me.

Absolute guard is when an attack inflicts enough blockstun inbetween each hit such that you can let go of the stick and it will continue to block the rest of the attack for you.

dog super does not have enough blockstun to cause absolute guard, if you let go or get crossed up somehow during ice and lightning you will take a whopping 100+50 damage

As for Wesker, I don’t think that causes absolute guard either, though I have also heard otherwise. It might be character size causing the maximum wesker hits to hit at weird intervals and not causing absolute guard

Sometimes Maximum Wesker is spaced too far apart between hits based on your screen position while the hyper is active (causing you to come out of blockstun and lose absolute guard). When that happens you have to choose the right direction to block again. I don’t think there’s really a way you can avoid this effect entirely.

You need to block Ammy’s Lightning low or in the air, right?

Wesker’s is kind of unavoidable, though, and feels like an “oops” from the development time rather than an intended feature.

As long as your in block stun it doesn’t matter if he keeps hitting you. But if he somehow misses and hits you again then you have to block in the right direction.

It’s kinda stupid having to use the word block stun. But that’s how the game is.

No, with Wesker, block the first hit and never change. It’s like the cross-up projectile trick. Even if it hits the other side, if you block the first hit, every hit after will get blocked as long as you never change.

With Amaterasu I can’t be for sure, I only know Wesker because I’ve used him since day 1 but with Ammy, I know her hyper is blocked high, not sure if it hits overhead but just block high. If you’re pushblocking that might be the issue. There is a delay of no hits that come in between each of her different element changes. The longest is the last one from ice to lighting. I’ve done it a few times. Advance guard and then you accidentally throw out a hit and start getting hit.

im not completely sure with this but could it be the direction you are blocking? like are you crouching while blocking this?

This is beyond wrong. Maximum Wesker CAN cross up even after he starts hitting you and yes you MAY be forced to block the other direction. It just depends on how he starts hitting you.

I’ve been crossed up, the animation changes but the blocking never does.

If he hits you from behind during block stun, you can block in the opposite direction and you won’t get hit. But if the block stun drops and you get hit from behind, yes he does cross you up.

Depending on where the characters are on the screen, Wesker’s super may leave gaps in the block stun that causes you to get hit. I recommend testing it in training mode. Try different positions on the screen and you’ll see what I mean.

Yeah maybe that happens like how Amaterasu’s shuffle has delays between hit stun. But I don’t think Wesker’s does. At least in the hundreds of games I’ve played as him or faced him it never did but i don’t know, if you’ve seen it, then I guess but I have yet to have witnessed that.