Somewhat aged and late reply to the 'Parrying - Good or Bad' argument

Rawket Knight: It looks like what was once my favorite aspect of the game is inevitably going to troll me in the end.

Sieg the Cabbit: Your favourite aspect being?

Rawket Knight: Herp Derp parrying. Not the Daigo aspect necessarily, but the ability to dodge any attack taking no damage.

Sieg the Cabbit: It tactically ruins the solidarity, as in classic strategy the idea is that every option has a pro and con, their pros only counterable and outweighable by things specifically made to counter or reverse them. Parrying basically holds up a middle finger in the face of all of that and makes it so its hard to psychologically discern a ‘best choice’ as anything can be parried inherently.

Sieg the Cabbit: But simultaneously rhats the beauty of 3S, its raw, dirty and very untamed. There is tactical solidarity to a minor extent, as people aren’t perfect - you are left racing for the spot of the guy most apt at abusing all its dirty tricks, forming stupid option select walls with parrying and mixing in a good knowledge of the few solid and reliable counters there are.

Sieg the Cabbit: Its so mentally stupid you actually strategize ways to abuse the confusion it often shrouds peoples minds with.

Sieg the Cabbit: Its why it facinates me.

Sieg the Cabbit: Everything about the game concerns abusing imperfection of psychological character - will you run in with Oro and attempt to throw them offguard with tons of loops they know jack about? Or will you Yun/Chun the place up, or perhaps go for Ken if you want more reliability. If you’re confident you’ll guess right, Makoto will destroy your whole arsenol and serves as a great counterpick to Akuma players, who exist irrespective of natural incompetence on part of the character. Urien is a great for fun character, and viable, but the natural love people herald him with makes him also someone you can rely on to bolster your win ratio as people pick him.

Sieg the Cabbit: 12 can be seen as an ultimate personal test of skill and Sean in a similar, more bare bones way the same. Everyone has some strange purpose - hell no one learns the Elena match and her moves are so confusing, if you know how to use her well she is a GREAT wild card counter pick. Even parrying is something you can mechanically perfect but never will - ie, you abuse the imperfections in ones psyche.

Sieg the Cabbit: That is 3S in a nutshell.

Sieg the Cabbit: If VF is chess, 3S is poker.

Rawket Knight: I guess Dudley’s personality is a grand irony.

Sieg the Cabbit: Because he’s very gentlemanly in a game entirely about being a dick?

Rawket Knight: Yes.

Just a conversation I had that somewhat piqued my curiousity, I forget his name but there was some chap with an avatar with sunglasses in it who brought about very valid points as to why parrying was degenerate to natural strategy. This is my personal view on why it has some tactically appealing factors although they are in a much different light than the ST/VF style of tactical play - the play in 3S is more like poker, staking the odds in your favour in an inherently hard to predict game and lynching people for flaws of character.

Gentlemen, I love parrying.

WHAT THE FUCK? Why did you bring this back up?!

Gentlemen, I like parrying.

Gentlemen, I love parrying.

Gentlemen… I love parrying!

Do you want parrying men? Then parrying we shall have.

if VF is chess, and 3s is poker, then SF4 is…Go Fish?

Teletubies. It has more solidarity strategies than dirty and psychological ones, and sticks to a rigid formula though.

You decide, I’m absolutely tosh at SFIV so I can’t say yet.

Dead horse…



Parrying is the least of 3s’s problems imo…


No. Don’t elaborate. This discussion has happened once too many times already.

I wish I was a mod here too so I could close this shitty thread. :confused:

The parry debate is old, but what else is there to talk about?

SF4 bashing, see enough of that

How to hold a joystick, seen enough of that

Latest doujin game thread, blah

KOF and BB have their own sections now. And honestly there aren’t a lot of general discussion topics.

If you hate beating a dead horse, then please think of something new to talk about concerning fighting games. Otherwise, you really can’t talk if you aren’t going to do anything better.

But this is SRK, a bitchfest where people post really rude shit in a juvenile attemp to look cool.


Bashing SF4, how to hold joysticks, douhin poverty, KOF, and BB is all the FG community has to talk about?

Why not just play the games and not talk so damn much?

i could have sworn plato himself wrote this dialogue

Lets parry like gentleman…

(…and I corrected the mispelled “attemp”).:coffee:

I’m tempted to troll for a laugh and go into the intricacies of how to use a stick at a beginner/intermediate level, the correlation between how a stick is used and how chopsticks are - ie, creatively and with variance in handling and form - philosophically but I’d obviously be taking the piss there.

Yeah, I’m not going to deny though, the ammount of SFIV sucks bandwaggoners looming about easily outweigh how dead the parry argument is. Not that I object I’m necromancing alot of both dead and spiteful blood.

you are not the only one that wish that bro :coffee:

This is not even in the right section jesus christ

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