(Somewhat) New player looking for some new games and some new people to fight!


Hey guys, I’m kinda new to the more “hardcore” side of fighting games. I’ve grown up playing plenty of fighting games, ranging from the more popular ones like Tekken, Street Fighter, DoA, Guilty Gear, etc. to some more obscure ones like Shaolin on the PSX. I’ve always had a great love for these sort of games, though shamefully not a lot of friends growing up did… which lead to me rarely getting to play any of this genre outside of whooping hardcore AI. Recently, I’ve been getting back in fighting games thanks to finally having a stable net connection. At the moment, my main game is the new Killer Instinct (Sabrewulf and Thunder for glory and gory!) since I’ve missed KI so much. I recently picked up some hot little early access title called “Blade Symphony” which looks fucking awesome… though I can’t play it til I can order my new computer.

Well, long story short: I’ve gotten back into fighting games and want to find some new games to play and some new warriors to fight! I have a stable enough connection to play and will be upgrading in the next few months for a better one. I’ve heard this forum mentioned numerous times over my years of gaming, but didn’t want to join in til I could actually take part.



If you are looking for online matchmaking on the XBL…check here:


Bonus…if you actually want to meet up with others in your area:



Cheers for the help bud!