Somewhat Official Find People to Room with Thread

As the cost of getting a room in Vegas is astronomical, I thought it would be wise to start a thread for people to find others to room with. I have already booked my room with the tropicana, so if I know you and you need somewhere to stay… Ill be there from thursday to sunday (aug 7 - 10) and Ill have a floor to sleep on for whoevers interested thurs - sat. So, please pm me or post here if your interested in rooming with me. Im hoping to get around 8 in the room to bring the cost down to a reasonable level. Thanks.

I’ve also already booked a room at the Tropicana for 4 nights starting the 7th. Cost is $410 + taxes etc. I’m looking for 1 person to split the room with. I’ve been to plenty of conventions where I’ve crammed 8-10 people into a room, I’m pretty sick of that shit.

PM me with interest.

My plans aren’t finalized or anything, but I’m most likely going to be looking for a place to stay from Thursday through Sunday night. If anyone’s got room for me, please let me know whenever.