Somewhat useless discovery about Twelve's taunt

On mame twelve’s taunt causes you to be invisible but also hides your shadow, Thus making crossups impossible to see/predict because your only way of seeing it is a audio cue.

On the PS2 version it is slightly better because you automatically make your opponent stay facing forward if you jump over your opponent(it disables the auto turn around when you jump over your opponent. You have to manually turn then around). Also last longer in the Ps2 version.

Another useless discovery - on the Asian arcade board where Yang’s SAII is listed as Magnetic Storm (not sure which particular version), if both players have X.C.O.P.Y. activated in a Twelve mirror match, the sound effects for Twelve cut out until one of them ‘reverts’ back to normal.

If P1 Twelve KOs an enemy P2 Twelve that is XCOPY-ing him, the music will change to Hugo’s for a while.

it also blows the game up

So if you try a high low cross-up while invisable will it be unguardable?

I forgot if I was on supercade or the karnov’s revenge hack for GGPO but I played a twelve the other day and his shadow was invisible as well and it seemed really fucking cheap lol.