Son son has a retarded hitbox during monkey uppercut

I’m sure that many players already know this info… but…shrug

whats stupid about it?

/her hitbox size(giant circle)

/length of active hitting frames(stays out way too long)

/start-up on the active hit frames is super quick, as soon as she starts the upper, it’s hitbox is active all the way around.

yesterday during low tier matches i landed 3 ambiguous uppercuts in a row.

opponent tries to jump past my sprite, son son upper goes up and behind the opponents sprite

after that hits i dash and then lp upper again, that one hit right in the middle of the sprite as well.

opponent tries to use air movement and then block, another lucky cross-up.

I posted this somewhere else in the forums but it’s a good example of how fast her hitting frames are…

in corner vs doom, then standing fk. you use the to pop them up, the standing fk will whiff completely but you slide into the corner for a moment, time your uppercut when her sprite slides into the corner. retarded fast cross-up.

  • u can also do the above set-up into wall run ect and it will let u behind the opponent as well.

++ when you wall run behind them remember u can cancel wall climb with lp drop+fp(5hits)XXfk(this last fk hits alot for some reason)

Anyone else get those lucky cross uppercuts?

also can anyone confirm how to defend?

stupid monkey…

Justin K, hook me up with some super ape mode strategies. I wonder about all the ways it can be baited and punished.

i just read the old posts and I saw that tron jon posted most of this already


i just read the old posts and I saw that tron jon posted most of this already


The main thing with the big monkey super is to have a good backup dhc. You can dhc while being hit. Also, even if you do take a super to the face, you can usually flame the other character in response. The best action for the other person to take when you big monkey is to not attack you, or if sentinel fly up and away, but a lot of people just can’t resist and want to shoot you with something. :slight_smile:

When flaming, watch out for rolls. My best advice when flaming anyone from midscreen is to take a step back after a couple of bounces, so that they roll to the front of you. It is surprising how often this crosses people up.

If someone rolls behind you and tries to fight, just about any dhc will do (I love darkness illusion for this one). Don’t forget that the dhc has to be performed in whatever direction sonson originally faced. If they are supering you from full screen, you can just dhc to a safe super. Gambit cajun explosion is amazing, it will hit cable even if the ahvb is already going. Hailstorm works probably just as well. Also, if you don’t have meter to dhc, remember that you can earn the meter by getting hit first.

Best place to do the big monkey super is in the corner, where you can’t be rolled against. Corner big monkey vs aggressive sent/capcom = wins games. Set everyone on fire, dhc!



thanks for the post