Songs you secretly like


but wont listen to in front of other people…friends/family/whatever

“summer time sadness” and she is kinda(very) hot too :tup:
I will post more…I am sure there are many others lol


Meh, I dont care about shit like that. I roll down the street fuckin’ bumpin that stupid song from the end of Portal. WTF do I care?

I care so little about the kind of music im listening to that I dont even know if its something that others would be embarrassed to listen to in front of someone else. Most of the shit I listen to I found on SRK what are you listening to now thread. chumps



I’m not ashamed of BasedGod


Beauty and a Beat
Pretty Girl Rock

I think that’s it.


Months ago I would’ve said

But considering it’s been used so damn memes and jokes lately, I don’t think it’s a guilty pleasure no more.


Finally saw White Chicks, huh?


No but I saw the youtube clip and every parody of it on vine.



That’s my jam right there!


Yo son that summer time sadness track is the cut. Hella emotional and shit.


Yea summertime sadness is dope. Don’t be ashamed.


songs by the The Cranberries…

I regret nothing…


In my car I rock a bunch of heavy metal and 80’s-early 2000’s rap and hip hop in my car. But if you jacked one of my earphones while I’m walking to college classes you’d find that the playlist on my phone is weeaboo as fuck. I got vocaloids, platinum disco from nisemonogatari, that one ending song from watamote, all kinds of shit like that lol. I won’t listen to that if anybody else can hear it



Woman’s world- Cher


the ojays - love train


are you me ?


I had to go find this video and now I’m stuck listening to it. Happens every time.


Enya. Even my girlfriend thinks I’m a fag when I listen to her.