Sonic Boom! But I need some advice

Alright I got SSF4 about 2 weeks ago so I am pretty new. I can’t seem to deal with Guile’s Sonic Boom… I know EX Sky high claw and and EX crystal flash get past it, but I need a safe way to avoid it in general. If I Block it he closes in for a grab, If I jump over it Guile almost always grabs me mid air are no matter what.


Forgive me I am not familiar with the terms.

Jump than lite kick? I assume.

Yeah, it makes Vega’s hitbox smaller and is quick enough to beat a air grab if positioned/timed properly.

Oh and a character’s hitbox is essentially the space in which a character can get hit in. It varies on the character(because of different character stances/sizes) and it also changes when a character does a move. Basically the Has a small hitbox and a quick startup so it’s a good move to counter airgrabs…

Thanks. Hopefully this will help, I usually to back up to the wall and jump off of it but people caught on.

Hence why I am seeking advice.

Sorry for double. This forum is a little strange to me.

Barcelona. You can also jump off the wall. You could FA the Boom and try to counter if he moves in close. Plenty of options.

i personally just do timed jumps until the guile gets frustrated and rushes me down, then I can move on with my game plan…lol

i just run away and build ultra meter by focusing booms. then when i know he’s gonna throw one i nail him

I should have been more clear. I never saw someone spam it, they move with the sonic boom to get closer to me. I don’t blame them tho its slightly cool that they can do that.

@ Vegaman
I will keep that in mind against Hadoken spaming Ryus/Kens.

Off topic but I was a little sad when EX Sky high claw lost out to a lite kick from Juri in mid air…

Watch the vid of Tatsu dealing with Guile.

YouTube - levelupseries’s Channel

note tatsu’s use of highly concealed kara throws. never are they telegraphed. 90% of the time tatsu throws, warahk gets thrown.

also, jab hit confirms and the right moves to use off of jump ins: not deep, but jump ins from really high up that only combo into 4 framers which tatsu capitalizes on with c. lp and c. mp ex fba.

also, standing fierce is a good way to keep guile’s sonic booms in check. tatsu is trying to poke pressure guile, especially in the corner, to prevent sonic boom abuse.

tatsu jumps in late sometimes instead of safe jumps to throw off timing for EX somers. maybe warahk lets go of charge anticipating normal moves from the ground, but at any rate, he’s not doing anything about them.

however, at 4:00, note how tatsu performs that same jump in again but warahk does reversal somer and it goes UNDER tatsu. that is obviously why he’s doing it. That’s sick tatsu.

i’m like halfway through the vid rightr now.

yep i use it vs them too… anyone that spams fireballs full screen doesnt deserve to see my shenanagins

if they walk forward i usually test their stupidity by trying to FA thru the fireball and hit them. otherwise you have plenty of ways to go thru the fireball. EX RCF, EX SHC, EX ST

Ultra 1 is a good choice in this scenario. I caught a really good Guile off gaurd with it a few days ago. The Guile player will sonic boom then immediately dash forward to put pressure on you. Ultra 1 will go though the sonic boom and hit during their dash in. Note you will want to do the U1 going towards your opponent, not backwards.

I usually defend till i die… -_-" …

Vega did pretty good with the throws and hit-confirming into more damage, but it seemed like he got a lot of free jump-ins even if he didn’t get damage off them. The guile player I usually play against will sonic wall then stop any jump-ins with cr.FP, st.FP, or any other number of ground-based normals that work as anti-air. Which limits closing in on him to: FADCing through sonic booms (sometimes works but only when he tries to follow behind them), Neutral jumping (he can walk forward and AA punish), or trying to rely on projectile negating/avoiding attacks… many of which won’t be fast enough to punish him with his ridiculous recovery.


The guy playing as Guile looks like Guile.

That’s guiles son

There are a number of ways to deal with projectiles, but the most important one is to remember not to become predictable. Mix up different approaches, to keep your opponent guessing…
That’s way more important than trying to counter every single projectile, it should become a second nature after a while. Trying to EX SHC or EX RCF all the time will result in a loss, eventually.