Sonic the Fighters Discussion


Yo~ Hello everyone.
This thread is for discussing the old arcade sega fighter, Sonic the Fighters(AKA Sonic Championship). From what I understand this game didn’t do too well, though I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the game when I played it. But I digress. The main thing I wanted to talk about was what people think would make the game more viable as a fighter. What did you like in the game? What didn’t you like in the game? If there were a sequel, what/who do you think should be in it?


It would be a good fighter, but they should do it with their Havok engine.

Keep the american canon out, and release it on PC+Android. Sega is starting to bring Gaben the lunch he requires, they are turning…


This game is EVO potential; many players just don’t realize that just yet.

If Sonic the Fighters were to ever get a sequel, then SEGA has a lot of options to work with on making this game more efficient and tournament-viable to the fighting game community. SEGA should take notes from other well-known fighting games, such as; Tekken, Dead or Alive, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle (not well-known, but still…), and/or their very own franchise, Virtual Fighter. And why stop at 3D, the developers could also take the initiative on stepping into the 2D territory of fighting games as well. The possibilities are endless with this underrated fighter.


StF was actually more or less a slightly gimped VF2 mechanics wise. But I was talking more along the lines of A. it being mechanically similar to VF, and B. it still being a 3D fighter.


I’m guessing you guys played Fighters Megamix back in the day? StF characters up against VF, FV etc characters shown just how compatible it was mechanically. I think if they brought it back, it would need to have a lot of similarities to VF to make people take it seriously. Juggles, cage/ring strategy, short rounds, footsies and defense for days etc. VF Kids would be another good source for those mechanics on chibi-shaped models

The mainstream market are going to instantly compare it with Smash, unfortunately. No idea how theyd get around that obstacle, but yeah, keeping it 3D is a must, if for that reason alone.


It doesn’t matter, cause Nintendo only allows SSB on their systems. A Sega fighter on Wiiu, Xbone, PS4, and dare I suggest it, PC? would be very well received. Sega, in general, has cooler characters (imo) than Nintendo.


I think it’s too stripped down to be a solid game personally, but it’s still interesting. I laughed when I found out it has master inputs. Also that hyper mode or whatever is super busted.


game seem pretty alright but then I think majority of game can be fighter. I just recently messed around with face breaker thinking it too could have tournament presence.


it seems this game did have some kind of scene for a little while.


Damn, I didn’t know sonic game has fighting genre. This is awesome.