Sonic the Fighters: Evo West 07


I know upon seeing this probably the first thing that comes to mind is “Wtf?” or “People actually play this shit?”. Anyway, I will be running a Sonic the Fighters tournament at Evo West this year. I am also gonna be putting up $100 in addition to all the money collected from the possible entry fee for the prize. I’m hopefully I can get at least a few people to join and play a bit of this game.

The tournament will be played on the gamecube Sonic Gems Collection version. Default settings will be on. And just to clarify default settings:
Vs. Mode
Match Count - 2
Round Time - 30
Energy Max - Normal
Barrier - 5
Barrier Reset - off
Automatic - Off
Hyper Mode - On
Damage - Low

The following is subject to change:

  • Undecided Entry Fee
  • Stage will always be set to random
  • Loser can switch character between matches
  • Double elimination
  • 2/3 Matches per set
  • If somehow you have found some amazing secret way to unlock Metal Sonic or Dr. Robotnik… well forget using them, they are banned.

If you want more info on the game there is a topic here. I got some matches up on youtube here.

I am also accepting Sonic the Fighters money matches >.>;

Players thus far;
Giza, NwordTim

sigh… i can’t believe you are doing this Giza well anyways you might as well sign me up