Sonic the Fighters thread


I use Amy, but if anyone want to get better at this great fighting game, here is a guide:

and some random video of the gameplay


Yeah, when I play against some people, they always choose Bark cause they think he’s top tier, but I think he’s overrated. I’m having trouble though cause I run out of barriers before they do at times. maybe I should play more offensively.




wait what


aw dude! they used to have this game at a local chuck e. cheese when i was little… i loved it… of course it wasn’t great by FG standards… it was still fun… i remember i used to use Espio and Duck… and one time i pulled Amy’s hammer from her hands and uppercuted her off the flying carpet with it… kekekeke


one of the first 3d fighters with CCs


Old Sonic the Fighters thread:

The starter of that topic has matches on his youtube too: