Sonic the Fighters

So it has been over 5 years since I wrote this topic. I just wanted to point out that I recognize I was an idiot in most of this post. Also the default settings are the best settings to play on.

Sonic the Fighters, as many of you know, is the first Sonic fighting game. First released in the arcade and then finally released for consoles inside of Sonic Gems Collection. Upon its release in Gems, Fighters did not get many good reviews. In fact, most reviews ranked it much lower than Sonic R. I do not understand these reviews. Sonic the Fighters is fairly good fighter for being one based off a platforming series. The gameplay is fast when you start getting good. The game has various techniques that make it even faster paced then the majority of people tend to think. The game is fast paced and matches are quick and intense.

Sorry if some of this post seems dumbed down, I originally wrote it for another board.

How to Play Sonic the Fighters
Player vs Player Guide

Now, many of you probably played Sonic the Fighters against the CPUs but have you actually tried playing against an actual person? To those of you who have, I am sure you noticed that it is different from fighting against a CPU because a real human does not show the same simple weaknesses over and over.

Humans learn and are able to counter your every move. This is a guide to help you get used to playing the game against another player, and what tactics are different. If you have not played Sonic the Fighters against another person I suggest you try it out sometime.

I am going to assume people are on the gamecube version. If you are on the PS2 version you should check out the control configuration to figure out the differences.

The game is made up of 3 true buttons and the joystick. The 3 true buttons are;
B: This is the barrier. Press it to get your barrier. It?s like a block button. But you only have 5 barriers each match and they don?t reset between rounds so look out. On the gamecube controller (on default) you press B to perform this.

P: You punch. That simple enough? Of course what punch you do can change depending on how you are moving the joystick. On the gamecube controller (on default) you press A to perform this.

K: You Kick. It?s a lot like the punch button. On the gamecube controller (on default) you press X to perform this.

You may be saying to yours, ?But I know there are more buttons when I play Sonic the Fighters?? and you are right! But those are only on the Gems version I will help you out with that now. They are actually all combinations of the 3 true buttons. I will give you the gamecube controls? if your on PS2, check the control configuration.

The Y button: Its K+B. What it does varies from character to character, but is usually a strong kick.
The L trigger: Its P+B. It is the universal grab activation.
The R trigger: Its P+K. just pressing it on the ground does a move that varies from character to character. But if you hold back and do it you activate hyper mode and lose a barrier.
The Z button: Its P+K+B. All in one. It activates landing and dodging which I will get into later.

Rules:Round Time is changed to 60… everything else is default
Vs. Mode
Match Count - 2
Round Time - 60
Energy Max - Normal
Barrier - 5
Barrier Reset - off
Automatic - Off
Hyper Mode - On
Damage - Low

The first match level will be set to random.
After each match, loser is allowed to change character and choose the level.

Understanding the overlooked basics
Most people can go all the way through the single player arcade mode and not realize some of the basics of playing the game simply because you never need to. The CPUs use them but they do not use tactics that would make you feel like you should learn them. I?ll go over them and there uses, then I will give some more example of were it is good to use them.

Landing: This one is easy to do and yet most people don?t even realize it is there. After you get hit in the air when you get hit you realize that you cannot move. Well actually you can, simply press P+K+B (or Z on gamecube) and you will perform a landing.

What actually does is it stops the normal falling rate and can move your character in a direction that your character backwards as well. This way you can get out of comboing range, cool eh?

Dodging: This was multiple uses but it is usually actually an offensive move. It is easy to perform, it is done by pressing P+K+B (or Z on gamecube) when on the ground.

There is a forward dodge and a backwards dodge. It can be used to avoid strong one hitting moves so you don?t waste a barrier, or it can be used to dash around your opponents move and attack them back. Backwards dodging will but you at more of a distance from straight forward following attacks, while a forward dodge will let you move around attacks that don?t follow well.

When you dodge you can either stop and wait off the dodge lag, or you could dodge once more (but you can only dodge twice in a row), or you could end it with a dodge attack by pressing the P or K button (X and A on the game cube controller respectively).

Crouching: Press down on the joystick. Simple to do, but what is the use of it. Well you get smaller. Some character can use it to go under certain attacks, like Fang?s gun fire from up close. But almost universal it makes characters avoid grabs from others. Bark, however, can not crouch.

Hyper Mode: I am amazing people that not everyone knows about this cause it is one of the coolest things in the game. You activate it when your Barrier bar on the bottom is blue, then hold back on the joystick and press P+K (R trigger on gamecube controller).

You will do a bursting movement and those classic invincibility stars will appear around you. You lose a lot of the strength of your attacks but become much faster during this. Some characters can start hitting the button shield and then grab right after without the opponent being able to escape.

But look out, hyper only lasts 3 seconds and after it over you have to wait for your barrier bar to turn blue again before you can perform it again.

Catch Up System: Probably the thing that turns most people off of the game. The catch up system makes it so the character with less health deals more damage. This is why people always seem to make comeback in the game. Overall it still hurts the game. If not for this StF would be my favorite fighting game of all time.

Land Chasing: When a character lands out of one of your moves you usually have some time to send an attack at them before they actually recover, this puts them in a bad position. Most characters have some sort of land chasing. It is the basis of a lot of safe combos.

Juggling: Pretty much just keeping the opponent in the air and getting a few hits in before they fall. It sorta blends into land chasing most of the time. Most juggling is only able to be done in corners though. If tails or fang can get a character into a corner and in the air slightly and start the attack were they start waving there arms in the air. Well thats a good example of a juggle. A lot of times in leaves them open for another set up, and if you are lucky another juggle session. juggling is used more often when they do not land.

Wall Jumping: When you jump near a wall, you can do press up to have another smaller jump on the wall. This actually allows you to do aerials that can usually only be done high in the air. Many of them set up for juggles. Hurray juggles! You can even go from a wall-land to a wall jump!

Jump-ins: Just jump over them and use a quick aerial. For most characters the kick in air works for this. The character should start flailing their feet around in air. Now you might first think how is this useful? Well one of the ways to affectively use it is at the last few frames before you start falling back down activate the kicks.

If you do it right you should be able to hit a grounded opponent with it, but you need to be moving forward slightly. It will give them lag and you can follow it up with a grab or another move. However if they block it from the front you are in trouble but you could make it so you land behind them and it will go through the barrier if you do and you will get a safe hit.

Player vs Player
Major Differences from Single Player
I am sure many of the people who are reading this like to just go to arcade mode, choose Sonic, and start spamming his simple Punching String combos and just break through the CPU?s shield until you just start hitting them and winning.

Hate to tell you this but that doesn?t exactly work in single player. Sorry. But things like this are avoidable. Sonic can still do his punishes pretty well but you cannot just spam it rapidly. People can barrier and dodge out of hit after the second and third hit and then punish you for it. So sometimes you got to chill and actually stop hitting the button.

Unlike in Single Player mode, if the opponent is Knuckles they actually have the potential of really kicking your butt. People can know tactics that the CPU?s would never you. Knuckles, for instance, has a very power dodge to Punch attack, which he can follow up with his 3 punch combo or a punch kick.

Sometimes the CPU would do something like this, but you could easily land it. But against a player you don?t want to cause they can get another dodge punch kick out of it if you do. Sometimes its good to land and sometimes it isn?t. You can ask me about certain situations later.

Grabbing is much more effective against human players than CPU. Unlike CPUs humans aren?t able to react at the rate that grabbing becomes almost ineffective. Sure they can still crouch and jump attack to avoid this but it?s still a valid way of playing.

Doing a simple punch to grab can be pretty effective in many cases. Giving someone hit stun or barrier stun and then grabbing while in your in Hyper is a guaranteed grab. Grabs do quite a bit of damage and often allow you to space afterwards so it is very effective.

To repeat what I said earlier, just using attacks that break barriers is not going to be effective in single player. Most of those attacks leave you open so the opponent can attack but by grabbing or just punching they will may end up winning the round.

Unlike CPUs humans aren?t completely helpless without barriers, they still can use jumping effectively as an avoiding move, they can still dodge right and they can still attack you effectively. So be careful.

Tier List
Removed for now…

I hoped this has helped you guys out a bit. if you have any questions about the game I will answer them to the best of my ability. I will even try to get video examples to go with my explanations if I can. I happy to help. Good luck finding an opponent willing to play against you.

I am also trying to set up a tier list for the game but am having problems. If you can put what you think the tier list for the game and be able to discuss with me on why that is the order. I would give my list but am currently away from my house and cannot remember all the reasonings for my list off the top of my head.

After you start playing please post whatever you know about specific attack moves and I will add your information to the Character Specific part of the post.

The following link has quite a bit of info as well;

Character Specifics

Perfect Collection

Sonic the Fighters: Giza (Amy) vs Neko Tim (Bark) Set

Sonic the Fighters: Giza (Knux) vs Neko Tim (Bark) Set

Sonic the Fighters: Giza (Knux) vs Neko Tim (Fang) Set

you forgot to mention that hyper mode allows for cancelling a la custom combo. also, i think the tops are fang, bean, bark, knux then sonic. fang becomes godly in hyper mode.

I have gone through quite a few tier lists. Everyone before this I had Fang on top. Sonic is very fast, none laggy and can combo the hell out of people. Also Sonic break barriers way faster then Fang ever could dream. Sonic need not worry too much about projectiles either, making him a good fighter against Fang. Sonic can go alot of damage safe and fast. Fang isnt far below Sonic. They are about equal in most match ups against other characters, I pretty much just put Sonic first cause he is better in the Fang vs Sonic match up.

As for Bean, he might be better then I think, but he can barely do anything if people are good at avoiding his bombs, getting close, and crouching his attacks. Most of Bean’s upclose combat skills are not safe and he isnt too great at breaking barriers.

Bark, he is strong. But his lack of crounching can but him in a bad position and he is laggy and slow at times which is why he is lower.

I’ll put more thought into these tiers more though because of your ideas. If you could post good reasons why they were above then please do so. Thanks for your post btw. Its the only post that had any intelligent thought put into it as a reply to this topic on any board I ever put it on.

I never played this game… I think ill go check it out. I kinda liked Megaman: The Power Battles. Is it in the same fashion?

no, they took the fighting engine from virtua fighter and made some unique changes to it.

Its actually an edit of Fighting Vipers

So… wait… it’s a 3d fighter or what? Virtua Fighter is a good series. Now I guess I really need to check this out.

yep, its 3d.

I am hoping to put together some Character Guides later on and hopefully get some more videos up.

Updated Tiers 3/07/07
Fangs back on top (has nothing to do with his hyper mode). Bark moves down too.

Have any of you guys been able to turn into Super Sonic at the last battle? Its like trying to unlock the fight with Shin Akuma in SF3 second impact:arazz:

I’ve done it. I didnt check if he had any new moves or anything. >< hard as hell to do

I have been a complete idiot… I ruined the true competitiveness of this game with my settings. From now on it will go back to the default setting… posts will be updated later.

Um… this game is horrible. You just have to mash the punch button, then attack them when they’re on the ground. Not my cup of tea.

haha EX Fighting Vipers.

i thought this game was awesome when it came out.

it was play sonic or xmen vs sf.

There are alot of problems with the idea of mashing the punch button. You may take out one of the opponents shields from it, but right after they have a chance to either combo or grab you. This is when the guessing part of the game comes into play. You can either crounch and be protected from a grab and have a chance to counter act, or you could barrier to guard against a attack. If you gaurd and the opponent grabs then you lose a shield and get grabbed. Landing (air catching, I dont know what to call it) effective makes those powerful ground attacks alot less likely, and makes the combo system a bit more difficult to abuse, although you can still do alot of cool stuff with chasing lands. =) There are alot of other problems with just jamming on the punch button, it is easy to take advantage of someone when they are doing a neutral jab combo towards you (besides perhaps Bark), but it depends on the distances really. If you are far enough away, like at the beginning of a match, and the opponent starts a jab combo, you can perform a jump back or a jump over. A short jump back attack is hard to get used to using but if you are good with it alot of character’s short jump landing kick can poke through many character’s neutral punch combo. You need to be in a very close position to get a neutral punch off. If you try to pull a following neutral punch combo off on an espio, the espio can dodge and meaty you with his long tongue and thats no good.

When I first played this game I thought it sucked to. I thought I had wasted my money on it. But now that I understand the moves more I see it can be a very competitive game were you need to have a vast understanding of the game and your opponent.

People actually play this shit???

You ever actually play it?

I dunno bout ya’ll but Giza makes this game sound kinda fun. I had no idea about the shielding stuff in the game.

My statement wasnt ment to be offensive. I was simply asking if people ACTUALLY played it. I had never heard of anyone ever playing it before in my life so its confusing to see that people actually do.

To answer your question, Nope not once have i played this game.

Shielding is what is unique about the game. You get 5 barriers in a match. A match is 2 out of 3 rounds. Certain attacks break barriers and this is your only way of really blocking in the game. Turning hyper removes one barrier but gives you the chance to do some nice combos, though it takes awhile to actually learn good combos with it for each character. If all your barriers are broken your defense is horribly weakened… and you gotta start using jump backs and dodging more, both of which can be punished easier when they are expecting it.

Okay Shin sorry I misunderstood what you said, often I get people calling the game horrible. Not alot of people play it, since its old and seems gimmicky. People have refered to it as a watered down Virtua Fighter… but I dont see the virtua fighter in it… at all. I am trying to get more people to play. Hopefully when I get videos with the default settings up I can explain more about the game.