Sonic the Fighters

Sonic the Fighters, as many of you know, is the first Sonic fighting game. First released in the arcade and then finally released for consoles inside of Sonic Gems Collection. Upon its release in Gems, Fighters did not get many good reviews. In fact, most reviews ranked it much lower than Sonic R. I do not understand these reviews. Sonic the Fighters is fairly good fighter for being one based off a platforming series. The gameplay is fast when you start getting good. The game has various techniques that make it even faster paced then the majority of people tend to think.

I am wondering if anyone has ever had the idea of taking this game seriously. If so I could use some help eventually in trying to get this game played somewhat competitively. If anyone actually enjoyed this game, or is just a sonic fan and would like to see a sonic game played competitively please help with this.

BTW, for anyone in around San Diego California who might be interested in a tournament. Entry will be free ^^. Sorry there is no location yet since I will not be holding it if not enough people show interest. Contact me by AIM or MSN please or by my email =

Just to let you know…
:p: = Punch = GC A
:k: = Kick = GC X
:snkb: = Barrier = GC B
:k:+:snkb: = Special kick usually = GC Y
:p:+:snkb: = Grab = GC L
:p:+:k: = Special? = GC R
:p:+:k:+:snkb: = Dodge = GC Z

Barrier: :snkb: Sounds simple, on the gamecube version you just press B and the shield comes up. It blocks the opponent?s moves. But some moves break the shields and the number is limited! Lets try to remember this when we get into more advance tactics about in the game. There are times to block and times were it is better to get hit actually since you don?t want to waste all your shields since they have other uses and being shieldless leaves you open for the stronger set up attacks.

Dodging: Its very important, you perform it with :p:+:k:+:snkb:. The gamecube version makes it easy, on default controls its simply pressing Z and a direction and you can dodge in a few ways. However you really need to learn when its a good time to dodge, if they are standing and you are fairly close to them it is not always the best time to dodge, they can dodge right after you and strike, or some of there attacks might follow the dodge and you will lead yourself right into is (which is bad).

Hyper Mode: Also simple to perform. Just hit the joystick away from the opponent and hit :p:+:k: (R trigger on gamecube) to activate Hyper Mode. In hyper mode you’re attacks become weaker and so do your barrier breaking abilities, in most cases you wont be breaking barriers. But you become way faster about the cool down on your attack become almost nothing in most cases.

Grabs: A huge part of the game, they do good damage are quick and interrupt most attacks. However you need to be very close and missing will get you punished. Easiest grabs are ones were you scare your opponent into shielding and then grab instead of what they thought you would do. Or shielding against a laggy attack and then grabbing them right after. Universal grab command is :p:+:snkb: (there are also other special grabs).

Crouch: Just hold :d:. Most people see this and think why is this in the game? But it serves a good purpose. It?s to avoid grabs. While crouching you can not be grabbed and there is barely any lag coming out of the crouch on most attacks. With good timing you can avoid someone?s grab and get one in yourself.

Landing: Also easy. Press :p:+:k:+:snkb: (Z for gc) in air after you were hit by an attack and press a direction. You will dash in that direction a certain distance (which depends on how high you are and the attack and such) it is a good and easy escape tactic however its not always safe. Sometimes it can be punished if they predict your direction.

Getting Up: After hitting the floor without landing you will find that you can not be hit by most ground performed attacks. However some attacks will still hit you and you need to get up sometime. There are a few ways of getting up. Pressing :u: or :d: rolls out of it and give you some distance, :l: or :r: makes you get up and move slightly forward and waiting too long makes you get up in place. All are easily punishable but sometimes the punishment isn?t as bad as the landing punishers.

Wall Jumping: When you jump near a wall, you can do press up to have another smaller jump on the wall. This actually allows you to do aerials that can usually only be done high in the air. Many of them set up for juggles. Hurray juggles! You can even go from a wall-land to a wall jump!

Wall-Land: Do the Land towards a Wall and then do the land control again when you touch it. You should stop on the wall for a bit, after awhile you will fall, or you could press a direction to fall soon. You can wall jump off of it as well making this more useful.

Jump Backs: Simple defensive tactic. Its easy to perform (:ub:) just short jump and start moving away from your opponent. If you dont want to use a shield or are really not sure what move your opponent is going to do when they are begin a offensive point often a jump back will be the best choice. It avoids grabs if you are fast enough, can also avoid most of a neutral punch combo and most kicks. If you get hit while in air you can easily land it and its hard for them to follow up on the majority of the time. Best of all if they miss every hit and you and your opponent are spaced correctly you can hit them with a landing kick (while landing :k:), which also can poke through many characters neutral punch combo.

Vs. Mode
Match Count - 2
Round Time - 30
Energy Max - Normal
Barrier - 5
Barrier Reset - off
Automatic - Off
Hyper Mode - On
Damage - Low
The first match level will be set to random.
After each match, loser is allowed to change character and choose the level.

These are the default rules to the game and will be used for tournament play. I am sorry about my foolishness over the last few months, this is the best for competitive play.

Played on Bad set of rules :infinite apologies:
Chucoo (Amy) vs Gai (Knuckles) [10/18/06]

Giza (Bean) vs NwordTim (Sonic) [03/3/07]

horrible game…

It is a bit strange since you can activate your Custom Combo move even at the every start of a match, and that a major function of the game is done by pressing all 3 buttons at once. @.@ But I really dont feel its as horrible as people tend to believe it did. I thought it was horrible when I first played it. I really didnt see it as decent until I played it a few times on the gamecube, after being horribly disappointed with Sonic CD.

I already learned a really good cable-esque technique with bean.

mm anyone?

You refering to the DAB (Double Air Bomb), BK (Bomb Kick), 3LoB (3 Lock-on Bombs), right? I have always had trouble getting around good Beans. When I started playing I thought he sucked caused he lacked a fast launcher. But I was proven wrong when someone else I knew turned out to actually have played the game, and had a fairly decent Bean. And everyone loves going against Bean’s Hyper Mode @.@ oh lord…

Have you tried to do the Double-Edge Keep down? Its DAB right over your opponent if they ever fall onto the ground, try to aim yourself at the opponents body. If you do this right, the second bomb should hit you as well (both should hit them). They will stay on the floor and cannot move for a bit, you will be launched into the air, Use the Land function, and then DAB out of it ^^ and repeat.


I actually won random bets against a few random people at anime expo because nobody thought the game could get any deeper than random pppp to guard break.

I proved em wrong though.

I fucking hate otaku babies. But I love their money

Have you ever played against anyone decent as Knuckles? Those corner combos are really damaging @.@; its a good thing you can Wall Jump Land out of alot of them, even so there are ways that the Knuckles can do stuff about that (rising uppercut usually). Thank goodness I can get some Reverse Lands in there now and then.

I actually haven’t played a decent knuckles.
For some reason everyone wants to stick to playing either the espio, bark, or sonic.

I chose bean because I learned I could just jump back throw bombs all day, but then I learned about double bomb, and realized that if they don’t air recover properly it’s an infinite. Then when they learned to air recover I learned about the run away game I could play if I only used my entire arsenal. Though I’ll get shot out of my lock on bombs once in a while.

you guys aren’t too far from where I am, so maybe sometime soon if there’s enough interest we could attempt a shot at some sonic fighters console session or something.

Gotta work out the kinks on my bean though. I’m still working out my hyper mode combos.

Espio, Bark and Sonic are pretty standard for new people to play.
Espio has a good neutral Punch combo, decent throws + throw follow ups, and a nice approach with the Overhead Chop. His hyper mode is decent too but they dont know that. I really cannot blame them for playing him.
Bark is big on damage and a good barrier eater, perfect for people who are new… plus his neutral Punch combo ends with a grab… wth… Bark is tough to play as but alot of new people like playing as him. Maybe its just cause he is big.
Sonic… well thats probably just because he is sonic… he is fast and ruins barriers… but his damage sucks, perhaps they like how his neutral punch has different variations? I dont know.

Bean is a good choice for a character, the Double-Edge Keep Down is an infinite I believe. It sucks to miss a land against a Bean and have yourself stuck in a ground infinite, that his Multiple Beak-peck Combo (throw thing) is so good ><;

You arent Hyper Metal at Smash Triweeklies by any chance are you? Just wondering. Hyper mode combos can take awhile, his Teleport can work well into mind games and even finishing hyper mode to interupt cool down and continue the combo. But if you can stand the 3 Lock-on Bombs well, your Bean in hyper will be a force to be reckoned with.

I would love getting together for some money matches!

Isn’t there a topic for this in Other Games?

Yeah it has become to extremely rare for anyone to respond to that there.

lol. Noobs never use the Landing ability even though how you land is one of the main aspects of the game.

its a bit too good imo. gets rid of like any juggling outside of the corner.

Yes, it is a but too good, probably the major problem with the game. However, aiming the land is a bit hard. And most of the time if you dont know how do it well you will be sent right into the corner. A few characters have land chasing attacks too, which can make landing much less safe.

Tier List (still probably way off)
Top Tier:
Espio- (Long Tounge Allows him to Land Chase well and continue combos. Lots of Ways to Deal with Projectile Spamming. Powerful Hyper Mode potential. Has a beautiful approach in his Overhead Chop. Powerful throws and follow ups.)

Bean- (Double Air Bomb add up damage fast, Decent Hyper Mode, fast neutral punch combo, Powerful and useful throws, Powerful kicks. Has an infinite. Melee moves are a bit slow.)

High Tier:
Fang- (Tons of Projectiles, nearly untouchable in hyper mode. Good Land Chases namely Quick Shot, or Super Shot closer to corners. Powerful throws and follow ups. Fast attack tend not to follow. :sad:)

Knuckles- (Corner Comboer. Knuckles has good moves to push opponents into corners. Sub-par throw damage but throw is a great set up move. Good damage, good follow ups. Hyper Mode is pretty devistating if used correctly.)

Mid Tier:
Tails- (Fast dodge, Deadly Throws. Has a Unguardable. Lack of Pushing moves.)

Bark- (Powerful moves. Devistating throws. Good Barrier breaking moves. Lack of Hyper Transformation in Air. Slow.)

Low Tier:
Sonic- (Great Barrier Breaker but those moves actually do weak damage if they arent blocked. Decent Neurtal Punch combos and a few good launchers, grabs are decent. All around poor damage, but fast)

Amy- (Slow. Damage isnt too great. Throws arent great and only give set ups in corners. Subpar projectiles.)


LOL! So is KOF. What’s your point?

Seriously I dont see whats so bad about this game. Is in the lack of mid-ring juggling? Or the powerful escape tactics? The fact that Neutral Punch combo does good damage?

The barrier system is pretty damn unique and is really fun. I really dont see why everyone has such a negitive view on this game (well I guess I really didnt like it at first either).

And that begins the end of this thread.