Sonic the Hedgehog: Fighting Game Possibilities

For those who are unaware, I’ve been a Sonic fan for quite some time. Unlike many, however, I tend to think about other possibilities for the series, other than platforming. In my opinion, a Sonic fighting game would be great. You’ve already got a wide variety of characters to choose from, plenty of stage options, and of course, there’s a big audience to play the game. Not to mention potential for an epic story.

Seriously, think about it. There are rushdown options, traps, pokers, zoners, and every other character archetype you can think of. I think something great can be made here. Sonic’s only had two shots at this genre. The first one was too much of a joke to be taken seriously and the second was cool, though not perfect.

So, what are your thoughts? How would you do a Sonic fighting game? Would it be traditional? Party? 2D or 3D? Or would it be something else entirely?


If you dislike this idea, please be civil about it. Thank you.

Have you not heard of Sonic the Fighters and Sonic Battle?

Yes, those were the previous games I referred to. I think Sega can do better, though.

There’s no use. People will whine. Satisfy the fighting group, Sonic fans will whine at the inaccuracies “wah sonic’s too slow, amy’s upskirts not sexy, shadow doesnt damn enough, tails doesnt plane and kill with brain, weres my chao garden”. Satisfy them, then fighting gamers will whine about the imbalance and the furservice.

And then, you’ll be hounded by the dreaded Archie sonic fanbase to add all these shitty commercial Mary Sues to your roster.

Honestly, I do not think anything is going to be better than Sonic The Fighters for that franchise.

How many characters, outside of the 4 megadrive origionals, perhaps adding metal sonic and amy from sonic cd if we’re feeling generous here (before they were given voices and dialogue to kill off any charm they previously had) are actually worth mentioning in the sonic series, let alone putting into a fighting game?

In my opinion, I think, my thoughts about this are to make it. Collect the people who purchased it together, put them on a boat, set it out to sea and let it sink.

Two shots was plenty, Sonic had his chance. There are other, way better and more fitting franchises still waiting for their first fighting game.

Sonic died with the megadrive… its time to let go…

You might try this thread in the FanFic forum, if we have one. :\