Sonoma county casuals

anyone live in this area? santa rosa, rohnert park, cotati, novato, windsor, healdsburg, etc etc…

im looking for some ssf4, mvc3, and mk9 play!

Starbase Arcade is in San Rafael…also Makara has Galactic Donut Dojo in Santa Rosa…n i think the Wingstop Dojo on Mondays also

coo… thx for pointing me in the right direction. starbase arcade, is an actual arcade… galactic donut dojo is… a crew/club that meets at a house? and wingstop dojo i havent found yet. im trying to find a POC for the santa rosa one, since thats the closest.

Hey Dope619!

Here are a list of Sessions that happen in the Marin/Sonoma County Areas for you to check out:

Starbase Arcade (San Rafael, CA): Every Wednesday is Console Setup/$5 Play. Goes from 8/9pm-2/3am. We have anywhere from 4-8 Setups at one time playing mainly the “Big Three” right now (MVC3, SSFIV, MK9)
Wingstop Dojo (Santa Rosa, CA):** Monday Nights starting @ 9pm going until 2am. One of our friends/local players and his girlfriend put together this gathering at their home. Usually anywhere from 2-3 setups (SSFIV, MVC3, MK9). We started up a Facebook page, so if you are on Facebook go ahead and like the page, since we post news on whether Wingstop Dojo is open for Business that Monday. On that page, PM myself (Frankie) or Sheeda if you need the address.

Wingstop Dojo | Facebook

Donut Dojo (Santa Rosa, CA): These sessions usually happen on Friday from 10pm-3/4am. They are also not as frequent as they used to be and are only greenlighted when our friend/shop owner Makara lets everyone know it is.

The Marin/Sonoma County players are all very tight knit, so keeping track of both the Marin and Sonoma County threads on SRK is a must!

Hopefully we’ll see you soon at one of the normal sessions (Wingstop Dojo/Starbase Wednesdays). Be sure to introduce yourself!

There are no active players in windsor or healdsburg atm, to my knowledge, besides me and moondogg. So, going to these sessions is your best bet to get some action in. Also, I would suggest vallejo and fairfield tournies (only if you like to drive though).

thats what im talking about. =]
i cant make tonight, because of work, but i can make it to wingstop dojo on monday night,
i will PM you on facebook tonight. thanks again. BTW i have my stick for PS3? will i need to get it dual modded?

Nope. We mostly run 360 setups and everyone brings their stick, so there is usually enough to go around.

One of our friends brings a PS3 setup sometimes, but he brings sticks and my stick is Dual Modded to take care of that in case we are 1 short.

Also as Honzo mentioned, Fairfield has a gathering every Friday. It’s out of the areas you mentioned, but it’s worth knowing about

There’s a facebook group for Tuesday night get togethers also. In Santa Rosa.