Sonson and the unblockable AAA glitch

I thought I’d post the unblockable AAA glitch here since Sonson (along with Dhalsim and BBHood) gets the most out of it. I haven’t seen it mentioned in any of the other Sonson threads, so I’m assuming that alot of people don’t know about it.

In case you missed it, here is the General Strat thread on this topic.

To recap how it works for Sonson: Call a fast assist like Psylocke AAA, and just before Psy lands (before the AAA starts hitting) activate Sonson’s Giant Gorilla super (qcb+PP). If you timed it right (and the opponent wasn’t already in blockstun) the assist will be UNBLOCKABLE :slight_smile: This works because the Gorilla super is one of the few supers in the game without blocking frames on startup, and because some assists don’t have blocking frames untill just before they hit, and also because of the objects-continue-moving-during-the-super-flash glitch.

This can be used as a reset, as a kind of ghetto guard break, or integrated into pressure/rushdown strategies to land a hit. It also makes a great counter to superjumpers, if you can get to them before they land :tup:

If you manage to do this at close range, it’ll combo into the Gorilla Super for HUGE damage, and from there you can DHC to HSF or whatever for a kill. Even if you don’t land the hit close enough for the Gorilla to combo, you can still DHC to HSF for good damage/possible kill.

I’m not a big Sonson user, but I’m interested in this glitch, and I’d like to know if/how you Sonson Pros out there use it. :slight_smile:

Does this really work? Im not too good with her, but it would help because my friend uses her alot, he uses anakaris storm and sonson. Would that be useful for an unblockable?

Yeah it really works :slight_smile: But not with any of Storm’s or Anakaris’ assists-- they’re too slow. Unfortuntely this glitch only works with assists that hit very fast after coming out (psylocke and cammy are the easiest to use but cyclops, tron and doom also work).

Yeah, sometimes he uses anakaris, sonson and tron w/ projectile type. Is that the one thats useful?

The timing to getting Tron’s assist working with this glitch is VERY tight (alot harder than using psy assist), and you have to be right in their face when you activate it, but it works. I haven’t played much with that duo-- but if he uses that team anyway it might be usefull to learn the timing on this glitch in case an opportunity presents itself…

It could be usefull as a reset or during rushdown, I guess :slight_smile: