Sonson Anti-Rush / Pin

Moves Key:

Seitenrengeki: Ascending Staff Spin. DP + P
Sienbu: Tri-Monkey Attack. QCF + P
Nyoi-Bo: Some FAQ’s name for the staff. QCF+PP
Wall Climb: QCB+K
Enou: Super Saiyan Sonson (Giant Monkey Super). GCB+PP.

I originally discovered this strat / pin with Sonson when I was fighting Magneto… It isn’t 100% guaranteed to kill your opponent, and there are ways around it, but it’s a good weapon in most people’s repetoire.

Endorsement: Magneto players at my arcade find this so unpleasent (even when it turns into a trading damage scenario) that they switch Magneto to Cable ASAP. This doesn’t work on Cable… I’m sure you’ll find something that does, though.

1.) The Pin

The essence of this pin is rather simple. First, drop an assist that stays on the screen for a while… Tron Bonne, Dr. Doom, Sentinel, or even Sakura. Do this fairly close to the opponent, so even if the assist does not connect, it gets in the way of ground dashing. (This can be done without this assist… but it’s not as effective. Then, it’s almost runaway.)

Next, normal jump backwards until about half jump height, and LP Sienbu (tri-monkey attack is about the cleanest American name). The three monkeys will begin flying across the screen, rather slowly. The opponent will probably block because the monkeys practically form a wall.

Land, and immediately Wall Climb (QCB + K). You’ll probably need some practice using this move, but essentially, you want to adjust the angle so that you strike their character… but don’t be so consistent that they know exactly what part of your character they will hit.

If they’re ducking when you kick (they want to launch you), it’s your lucky day. Press kick, connect with the incredibly fast, incredibly high priority overhead, cancel into Seitenrengeki, cancel into the Nyoi-Bo Slam. Instantly, you deal major damage against your opponent… a little less than 1/3 of Magneto’s life.

If they’re standing, try to hit high on the character, then immediately follow up with:,, -> sj (air combo). Or, if you can do the combo off of “the Sonson Guy’s” tournament match…,,, Seitenrengeki, Nyoi-Bo Slam. Again, major damage. Be wary, though… If the, are both blocked, Sonson will be pushed too far away from the opponent for the to connect. While hard to punish, whiffing that move is potentially painful. In addition, if you hit too low on the Wall Kick, you’ll whiff the launcher.

If they try to jump, they might get caught, and knocked back. Sometimes this combos with the Seitenrengeki, sometimes they fly to far away. A lot of the time, though, they just hit one of the flying monkeys, or all of them. That can either make a combo work better (if they combo into the Seitenrengeki) , or screw up a combo that would have worked fine (If they stop a launch or a Seitenrengeki. ) Either way, this is completely and totally impossible to punish.

If they completely block… Immediately call the pinning assist (to their horror), and start from the beginning. Sometimes, you’ll even have that last little monkey on the screen… so that if they try to jump back, they walk into the goofiest projectile this side of Servbot.

2.) What People Try

If people try to dash-in, either during the opening assist, or any time after the Sienbu, they will be hit either by the assist or the little monkeys. The assist will cover just long enough that if Magneto tries to air-dash in to Sonson and attack, she will hit him with all three, knocking him back. If he tries to dash under her, the height of the Sienbu is just low enough to hit him… which stops his attack pattern flat.

If Magneto tries to EM disruptor you during the Sienbu, worry not… your monkeys have 3 hits, and completely negate the EM disruptor… though the HP version might get one hit past. Which makes you able immediately wall climb-kick, or just dash-in and punish.

If Magneto tries to combo your assist, he’s guaranteed to be hit by the Sienbu, and probably the Wall Kick too. Not fun for the Master of Magnetism, but not devastating.

Oh, and the Magnetic Shockwave? Ha. If he does it during the Sienbu, it should give you time to block… if he does it during the wall climb, it should give you time to press HP and block… if he tries to catch you in the Wall Kick, chances are he’ll miss, or (this happened once), you’ll connect, and dodge the super.

3.) Stuff That Works

Yes, eventually, people come up with Stuff That Works. Here are a few common things that work, and some solutions.

a) Assists.
1. Iron Man. Uni-Beam called at the right time catches Sonson in the Wall Climb. Solution? Time things a little better… try again after you mix things up a little.
2. Captain Commando. Kills Little Monkeys (Sienbu), when done right. What happens? Well, either you hit Commando alone with the Wall Kick, then block… you hit Commando and Magneto blocks… or you hit both Magneto and Commando. With the first, STOP and block. With the Second, be careful… Calling the Seitenrengeki (hits hold Magneto in place) into the Nyoi-bo hurts Commando lots… but gives Maggy the slightest opportunity to counter. Hyper Grav doesn’t work well… Sonson crosses Magneto up as soon as he stops blocking. Note that Sonson can air-dash immediately after her super. Do so, you can block then. Blocking = good. If you hit both… have fun!
3.BlackHeart. Be careful… start this tactic right before Blackheart leaves, so if he does show up, his assist either misses during the kick, or he laughs at Magneto being comboed.
4. Storm. Typhoon. Kills Monkeys… it’s hard to deal with. If he times it wrong, it doesn’t help any… the long startup is what you need to take advantage of here.
5. Dr. Doom. Rocks. Yeah, right. Just don’t kick against this guy… doing so is death. If you feel goofy, you can attempt to assist, then Enou (Super Saiyan Sonson, QCB+PP), and blast away at him. Generally, punish Doom with assists… because Magneto’s just waiting for you to slip, so he won’t be aggressive until he see’s that you’re blocking. Remember, Enou can get you killed against Magneto… so be very, very careful with it.

Assists are the most effective strategy against this pattern.

b. Super Jumping.

Great, he’s in the air. Woo. Now, either hit him as he lands, make him land in an assist, or just re-start from the other side. If you start the Sienbu at the middle of the Super-jump screen, it won’t happen while they’re there… though you won’t be able to use them to pin. Much. The lowest might go just low enough to hit standing.

Other tactics, they will discover on their own.

4.) Notes

This works best on Magneto, but not only on Magneto… it has been known to work on all non-super armored, non-Cable characters. Be careful vs. Cyke and Iron Man if you use this.

Finally, in order to even use this tactic, you need to get a little room in order… if you never make Magneto give you a little space, you can lose without a fight. Doing that, however, is up to you.

Thanks for reading… I hope this is helpful. If you have trouble with this tactic, I apologize… but remember, a neither a single strategy or pin will win most games.

Tron Jon

so… what if your opponent uses a hard-hitting AAA to kill your assist? let’s say it’s storm/capcom and they corridor/hail your assist… how do you adjust the pin?


Interesting post. I use a simplified version of the same thing, usually w/ Sent-Y as my pinning assist. I just do towards+hp + call Sent XX wall run. Then I can either kick off the wall, or if they are intent on blocking drones, drop off the wall over their head for a nearly random direction jumpin. Or you can run over their head and kick back to the original side of the screen to create confusing block patterns. That works better w/ Tron-Y though.

Anyway, I generally find any and all projectile/wall run patterns lose to Commando assist, as he eats all monkeys and either knocks you out of the off the wall kick, off of the ceiling, or else eats the kick, which blocks for their point character, breaking the pattern.

Also, you have to be careful not to hit your opponent TOO high with the wall kick, as they can launch you if you hit them right at the head. Aim for their waste for the best results.

Commando’s not the only assist this loses to. On the other hand, As a fake-out, I’ve found myself setting this up, going for the wall-kick, then dropping off right out of the AAA’s range, be it Commando or Psy… And going for either a weren’t-you-dumb f+HP or something longer if it’s safe. Yes, the Tron assist counts as something longer…

It’s still useful, but there are ways around it that people eventually figure out. And the f+HP, wall crawl is awesome, because combining the massive blockstun with her back-run just rocks. Although, she can do really freaky things if she’s push-blocked…

Tron Jon

I was going to make a new thread about this, but nah, it’s probably not deserving of that much special treatment.

I thought of a pindown technique for Sonson together with Sabretooth’s Projectile assist. I don’t know how useful this could be in actual matches, but here goes:, st.hp [call Sabre], xx hp.DP

If you’re doing this midscreen the gunshots start hitting during her fall to the ground. Only if you do the combo slow enough, will the gunshots be unjumpable. From there you can just repeat it. If they fuck up and you actually hit with the combo then you can cancel the DP to staff-super on reaction.

At first I didn’t care about the speed of the combo, but then I noticed how they can jump out if you don’t have the right timing. So now there’s this other variation where you do:, st.hp, [call Sabre] xx lp.DP

As you can see you call Sabretooth later and the lp.DP does less blockstun than the hp version, which means it’s even more jumpable now. The good thing is the bullets pindown for longer.

When you’re midscreen you might want to jump forward after the lp.DP and try to airthrow the ones that jump away. If they happen not to jump, then you can do a and combo, or land and go low.

Other interesting crap:,, [Sabre-B] ^ sj.hp

If you do the sj.hp at the right time they’ll end up in front of the stream of bullets (pinning them down). Next you can jump and do the normal high/low stuff.

More crap (less interesting):
Gorilla team-super (Sonson as heal/A-assist) does great chip (so doeas Sabre’s gun-super). So after a while of that meter-building-crap-pindown you can end the pin with st.hp, xx THC and chip them to death.

EDIT: after playing with it some more I’ve made some corrections to the above.