Sonson crawl through HSF

Hi folks,

Well I found this weird thing the other day. Sonson’s crawl move really sucks most of the time. BUT --> I’ve been able to use it to go right through a Sentinel HSF even when I’m in blockstun (no pushblock). :wow:

I’m not sure why this works, since you need to at least pushblock to use the big monkey during an HSF and surely the big monkey is zero frames. So either the crawl is faster or it totally violates the rules of the game. Try it sometime. You can crawl immediately after the rocket punch or before/after any HSF rows. It’s not easy to do though.

Since the big monkey super is invincible, you can basically just crawl->bigmonkey->DHC even in complete blockstun. Or crawl->uppercut->sticksuper if you’re close enough. Or crawl just to avoid chip damage.

I wonder if any other moves in marvel have this kind of behavior.

Have fun people. :karate:

MY SONSON APPRENTICE!!! lol sup justin k! damn imma use that more thx for sharing good thing ur koo and share info unlike ignorant assholes :bluu: lol

My Friend found this a while ago but im glad you now know it. Take out those Top Tier Teams!!! I hope to play you at Evolution this year.

does anyone actually know any of her secret combos though? i just cant find them anywhere!