PlayStation 720 in 2014. Nintendo’s gonna get grab titty squeeged.

Damn! Seems pretty crazy. I wonder what else that means for the future of Nintendo

I’m down. Only have to buy one console? You wont see me complaining.

They’re not THAT smart. But if they are, that’s awesome. 1 console for the next 20 years please and thank you.

It’s called a PC. I has one.

Yea but PCs are fickle as fuck. I mean Drizzt was just talking about the issues he had with trying to run Bioshock on his rig and the solution to the sound problem being to plug a mic into the mic jack. I really would like to get a good PC soon but I do enjoy being able to come home from work and just put a game i haven’t played in a year into the machine and having it work right away without having to do a bunch of trouble shooting shit to get it to work. I know that doesn’t happen with everything but you get the jist.

Course I guess that doesn’t really mean much since I have a dead PS3 and a dead 360 in my game room as we speak so WTF do I know.

“NAAAAANI!” - Nintendo

This would be pretty great for tournaments… No dual modding or having two sticks.

Don’t forget the PC market. Indie game developers. . . . nuff said.

I’m doubtful MS and Sony would team up to make a gaming console, you are more likely to see Halo the movie being made by Sony Pictures. It would not be so weird to see windows on Sony phones.

If MS and Sony do team up to make a console (great news for gamers) then Sega need to team up with Nintendo make that Dreamcast 2

Microsoft & Sony both agree, that in the near future PC gaming will take the gaming market back. Why, price tag! The current consoles were $400 - $600 USD when they first release. How much will the next console cost? $600 - $1000? This would be a smart move for Sony & Microsoft.

P.s. CPU i7 2600k $320.99 USD

  • Video Card GTX 580 $499.99 USD

Over $700 USD for the current processor and video card.

even if its a PC thing, It would be amazing if It was backwards compatible with PS3 and 360 games as well as the controllers, I am sure that would help out tournaments a lot.

These figures don’t mean much, since when has a console been $1000, MS and Sony know there is a limit to what people are willing to pay for a console. They have various options, they don’t use stock CPU’s these CPU’s are designed for consoles which gives them more control on the price. They maybe able to strike a deal with the manufacturers by buying X amount of CPU’s at $X.
They also expect to make losses on the console but make back the profit on the games sold. PC gaming will always be more expensive because of minimum specs. It still costs more money in the long term playing PC games than console games

Fuck that. Unless these niggas plan on providing broadband internet as well, they better leave Msoft out of it (design, as well. Failure rate and disc scratches due to poor design doesn’t seem to mean a thing to those people). I ain’t paying TWICE (that 360 bullshizz) for online access to any device. The only people you should be paying are the ones providing internet to your home. Everything else should be you paying for hardware, software, and optional software add-ons. The ability to use your device with your currently paid-for internet connection should not be an extra fee.

Considering MS replaced RROD consoles for free (+ free shipping). And they had warning labels on the CD tray telling owners not to move the console whilst it is on (which people ignored *). MS did a good job compared to Sony, not being able to fix PSN and having it’s users credit cards details stolen and sold on the black market…

*mate took a photo of his game disc all scratched up by his brand new xbox elite, I asked him if he had read the label on the CD tray (which you could read from the photo).



Would you pay $600 or more for a Xbox (microsoft hardware) console? Took them five years to get shit right(xbox slim).

I’ve never paid that much, I paid £300 for my console (original white), it got RROD twice and it was replaced twice for free. Lost about a month of gaming, which is probably a good thing :lol:

Shouldn’t have had to in the first place if they didn’t push such a a shoddily-constructed product. The fact that they did so was just admitting the failure on their part. Another couple months to get a solid design wouldn’t have killed them (or maybe it would’ve. Touchiest system ever and they still haven’t fixed some issues). We could move our, hmm, let’s see here: psx, ps2, saturn, and dreamcasts around during play and that shit did NOTHING to the disc. WTF kinda cheap-ass rig do they have under the good of the 360 where it’s suddenly a problem, and only with the 360? Do they even have the dvd/cd spindle mounted in a stable fashion or does it just sit in there like a spinning top or something, relying on centrifgual force to keep it level? Seriously, I can see why they never made a portable, if that’s the best they could do in terms of disc stability. They’d have to have their portable system in a bolted-down kiosk-type stand with a label on the system box: for home use only. Do not attempt to use while not stationary or media damage may occur.

I still have the Day 1 Black Xbox I’ve been using since it came out.

Brought it to tournaments, left it over people’s houses, left it on for a day or two straight.