Sony Pictures making the movie "console wars" with Nintendo VS Sega


“Sony Pictures and Scott Rudin (Moneyball, The Social Network) are developing Console Wars as a feature film to be directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Knocked Up, Superbad). Rogen and Goldberg are also writing the screenplay. Harris is serving as Executive Producer, and is also co-directing a documentary on the same subject, with Rudin, Rogen and Goldberg producing as well.”

In 10 years do we get Sony VS Microsoft? :rofl:


At the end of the movie it will be declared that Sony won the console war as the Playstation went on to dominate the console market for the next decade.


This sounds surprisingly awesome.


Segata Sanshiro for prime antagonist.


He’s still alive too.

The king can make a return.


Did someone say BLAST PROCESSING!!?


When people clamored for Sonic vs Mario on a big screen, idk if this is what they meant.

I’m sure it’ll work out better though.


Bruce Willis as Mario

Alan Rickman as Sonic


Sneak preview of the movie



I wish old Sega would make a new console. Reality is though is that it’d suck because there’s nothing truly unique about consoles any more.


Sega doesn’t even have the money to attempt a new console. They didn’t even have ti when they made the dreamcast.



Watch them get a white actor to play a Japanese person. Better yet, center the entire plot from point of view of a white heterosexual couple.


Vin diesel is the obv choice for sonic.


They already did an anime about it.


Too bad Sonic Boom looks like garbage, still optimistic for the franchise though, old feelings die hard. (Sonic Adventure 1 & 2)


So I wanted Mario and Sonic the game since forever, I got the Olympics and seth rogen (yuck) making a movie about the business side of things? Dammit.

Closest thing we got was Smash Bros. Just make the damn Mario & Sonic not at the Olympics game. Jeez.


Opening credits music.

Every time I watch that video I think to myself, Please put him in VF6.


You know damn well that Sega will not allow their mascot to be in anything other than crossovers and shitty to average platformers.

Sonic wouldn’t know what to do with himself in an actual quality plaformer anymore…


Neither would Mario. :coffee: