Sony Playstation 3 Bundle

I could not find the Selling you ps3/wii thread so I made a thread for MY Ps3 Bundle.

I am selling a 40gb Playstation 3. It’s only 2 months old. I only used it for music and sometimes CoD4 Online. This system works great. The condition is really good also. You will be getting the

  • 40gb PS3 Console
  • AV Cables
  • Sony Componenet HD Cables
  • Power Cord
  • SixAxis w/ USB Charger
  • Original Box w/ Manuals

Everything is pretty much like new.

All of this for $350 Shipped.

game sold separately or in the bundle?
this post also makes your sig ironic.

Any Pics? I am interested in this if it has wireless.

Yes it has WiFi. It’s the 40gb Model. The 40gb model does not play ps2 games but Has the wireless. Thats what sony did to sell it.

I know they are talking about possible future emulation accross all consoles. Even the dreaded 40gb one. I believe it’s to increase sales.

I would be pissed, heh, I shelled out $600 for the 60 gig before all the new ones :rolleyes:, because its “superior”

Lost Odyssey is a good game with great graphics. You’ll enjoy it. =)

reference to OP sig

The thread is on the second page, not far off. :stuck_out_tongue:

But whatever, continue selling!


bump dropped price by 10…$350 Shipped.

you locked it anyway haha well nothing i can do. :s