Sony Playstation 3 Fighting Arcade Stick 3 by hori is it worth it?

i want a good controller thats worth my money and i was looking at this stick…does it break easy or does the stick have a disadvantage compaired to others like will i play better with the 50 dollor stick or the 100 dollar stick?

if you have 100$ get the hrap3 if you only have 70$ get a se …
i have a fs3 for about 2months now and im surprised it still works … but the stick and buttons wont take that much abuse before they break and replacing the parts after they break is not that funny.
buy a fs3 and you will buy twice ! buy one of the 2 sticks i mentioned and if you dont like it mod it … will be cheaper that way

thanks buddy

HRAP3 is awesome, the cheaper hori is ass and a pain to mod.