Sony PlayStation 3 Hackable!

This just in:

The dude who cracked the iphone, has now reported that he has found a way to hack a PS3.

  • Took him 5 Weeks to do so, but figured it out

  • Said its 5% Hardware, 95% software

  • Says once he perfects it, he will release it to the public

  • Says he feels like he’s tapped into a Crazy Piece of Power and does not know how to weild it

  • Sony has said they will be looking into this.

OMG!! Insane news. Only took them 4 years. Better late than never. No link, I’m sure you will find it when you search. I’m surprised no one has posted this yet.


yeah man i heard about that shit too yesterday!!
i might buy a PS3 now foreal!

If it can get Linux on a slim, awesome.

Other than that, I could care less.

EDIT: After reading his blog, code and other articles, it’s still a ways to go before anything substantial hits the open PS3. Also, since it’s only on the phats, the slims will miss out. There’s no real reason to get excited unless you’re interested in security/cryptology.

Yeah uh, this is news from last Friday, not “just in.” Still, pretty exciting.

If i wanted a hacked system ide get a redbox360 off of craigslist for 60 bucks.

Since i wanted a system which will last, the last thing i would do is hack it. and GL getting a bluray burner and buying all those blurays up.

i hope this opens up the door for PS3 HDL.

Def, put a use to my 750gb HDD I installed.

if it really CAN bring back ps2 BC, i then wouldn’t mind getting a ps3.

There goes my “no games” arguement.

even if this is true, price of blu-ray burner and blu-ray discs are still pretty pricy and 25gb worth of data isnt the easiest to download. the price of blu-ray, media, and the time to download whatever it is you want is pretty anti piracy itself

Seeing as how you guys are behind, as mentioned on Neogaf and Beyond3D, all this hack is give more information on RSX use in Linux, for hacks on the PS3 side, it means nothing.

Superking is right. This is in the Linux domain of the PS3 - so no, the PS3 isn’t “hacked” yet. Not in the sense everyone seems to think it is.

Also, in regards to this - there was an old exploit on older PS3 firmware revisions that allowed games that could fit on a DVD (which was a decent little chunk of them, mostly the PS360 releases) to be run off of the DVD. Though that was patched up ages ago.

You can get a internal blueray burner for ~$180 off of newegg and the blueray discs themselfs shouldn’t break the bank. Problem is I don’t think there are enough good games out for the Burner to pay for itself, least not for everyone… of course this is only counting the copies you’d be playing because the original disappeared. :V

subscibe to thread, seems interesting.

I’m sure sony is saying the same thing, as they have yet to harness the complete power of the PS3 there is so much they can do and yet havn’t done anything…