Sony Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale Comment Thread


It got a sticky because SRK was giving out beta keys and this was how they ran the contest. The contest is over. Stop being stupid and let the thread end so the actual discussion thread can keep going.


Yeah “stupid” totally could of guessed that from the title/OP when I clicked on this forum. But thanks for letting me know.


I’m looking forward to taking down Parappa for his terrible educational songs, and I love the characters and moves so far!


SPAS:BR- Seems like it has some interesting concepts. The level 1-3 power ups look like it could be a game changer if timed right. I like the fact the characters are starting to stand out compared to the Nintendo SB series. The fact that Sony is going to go again Nintendo is something worth looking into. I think the stages look pretty good. Some close and some spread out. I like that sony has not confirmed nor denied any of the leaked characters. They are playing as if it never happen and that is smart of them. I cant tell but i hope the air dodge system is directional like. That would make this game Great!


Yay, I’ve been selected to the Beta trial! I’m so happy right now, I can’t wait till I get home and try this.

I’m a SSB Brawl fan, but this one looks very interesting.

So, any other beta testers here in SRK wanna fight me?


I got to play yesterday at the PSBR event held at iam8bit. Game was pretty fun, I really liked Ratchet and Fat Princess. We only got to play 4v4 free for all so it was hard to really figure out what the game was all about. I imagine 2v2 teams and 1v1 is alot less random and more fun… Heard rumors that Ratchet is top tier lol.


Just tried that public beta, and it’s in the bag how terrible the game is, despite being a mildly amusing distraction. Having supers as the only means of winning is possibly the worst thing ever.

It’s fucking stupid how good Kratos is. Seriously, his chains reach several character lengths away, cover huge arcs, allow him to combo into bullshit, and are safe as hell. Also I can dodge roll through them, perfect timing, and still get hit by them. He’s basically EX Marth.

Ranek is pretty cool if only to pretend he’s a Panzer Corps trooper. He has nice area control/zoning moves that basically don’t mean dick in a game that lets players jump in at odd angles and air control while remaining perfectly safe.


Meh, I’m having fun with it :confused:


is there any youtube account or whatever that uploads matches of consistently good players



A guy on YouTube named ddsoul90 uploads some pretty good sackboy gameplay.




Not sure where I should post this but I know some will like this.


I have been playing this game for the last two weeks since the release, and I have played Super Smash Bros. Melee at a competitive level for many years now, and I can tell you this game is very very much a more primitive version of Smash Bros., with slightly different game mechanics.

The most this game revolves around is tech-chasing and knowing how to combo moves. There are generally two playstyles: Combo to reach level 1, then create tech-chase situations and set up your level 1; or Comboing until level 3, then using that. In a 1v1 situation, it gets no more complex than that. The characters that fit 1v1 best use the first strategy (Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess, etc.). Yes, you can grab, but they go under the “creating tech chase” area when countering a block. In a 2v2, the third playstyle that is added is setting up for your opponent’s super move.

Otherwise, that is all there is to the game. The combat system is rather lacking, and outright unfair for a lot of matchups. The game is not designed for a 1v1, and should not be played as such. Few characters perform at a top level in 1v1, and otherwise the gameplay is not nearly as satisfying as playing the original Smash, Melee, or Brawl in the least. At least 2v2 is a more respectable and fulfilling means to play the game, though.


From what I’ve seen, since it’s all about Super bar for the kill, it’s all about LV1 super IMO.

Soo… overpowered chars in this game should have IMO

#1: Good meter building combo
#2: Good LV1 super (Seriously, I noticed some chars have good meter build combo but crappy LV1 and thus have to go for LV2 most of the time)
#3: Good easy hit confirm combo into LV1 combo.
#4: Recent to Good Range, the maps can be big and sometimes can go all over the place.

Now, that can’t ALL be the requirement, but that’s what I’m noticing in matches. Rather then going for gimmic LV3 (which takes forever to build meter) you might as well go for 3xLV1 for more kill combos.

And yeah, I am complaining that this game should have a kill counter IN BATTLE, so we can tell WHO’S WINNING during a match.


I like the style of it and I adore most of the characters in it. I’m still a newbie but hope to play more.


Fuck. The latest 1.05 patch eliminated the ability for Nathan Drake to AK Run from cover. The AK Run loop is no more.


Does this mean that Clockw0rk is out?


random question: why is this still sticky?


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