Sony PVM-20M2E vs. BVM-20F1E


Hey guys,

I have the option to buy one of those CRTs mentioned in the title but don’t know which one to choose.
Any suggestions?



BVM-20F1E - produced in early 2000, 900 TVL, better construction and Menu.
PVM-20M2E - produced in mid-late 90s, 600 TVL.
Just make sure to get a control unit with that BVM.


Okay, then I’m gonna go for the BVM.
Thanks a lot!


Sony WEGA isn’t bad either.


Out of curiosity how much are you paying for that BVM?


In the end I didn’t go for the BVM. I found that PVM under a false name on eBay just around the corner and got it for 1€. :wink: