Sony removing component cable support from the PS3 (Movies only, games/streams not affected)

If you want Hi Def, its HDMI only from now on, meaning Sp00kys current setup for PS3 is effectively useless. Will streams be forced to switch to 360 ?, having an old model PS3 may not be a solution as word has it they can still remove component support with a firmware update.

Your thoughts ?

gonna need a non kotaku link here chief, heh looks like everyone else reporting is just reposting kotakus

But Kotaku said SBO uses Madcatz sticks, it must be true!

Hope it’s not true…would be bad for Sony.

“All older SKUs will not updated to require a HDMI for high definition”

Meaning: Whatever.

yeah, i no longer care, heh, now those poor inner city folks that manage to scrounge up enough money for a triple and only have 13 inch crts at home i do feel for them, does it run composite?

This information is based on a memo that Kotaku allegedly got from a Gamestop employee (who got it from Sony). No proof it’s not just a rumor, so I wouldn’t freak out just yet.

this is now a kotaku is stupid thread

As how all threads that mention Kotaku end up being…:coffee:

All you really need is for someone to come up with either a decent HDMI to component adaptor, or have a HD PVR that accepts HDMI or DVI input.

There’s no reason to freak out even if this is true. This isn’t OtherOS, nothing will be removed from the people that already own PS3s, it just means the newer models will have different properties.

This has happened since forever. Launch PS3s had 4 USB ports while newer ones have 2, retro models had an opening in the front where you could plug in PS2 controllers, etc, etc.

Most everyone is switching to HDMI by 2013-15 anyhow. All we would really need is someone to make a PVR that can read broadcast HDMI.

  1. Currently just a rumor so that’s a good thing.

  2. You’d think Sony wouldn’t do something like this as they’ve already done enough recently to piss on and piss off their customer base to last a lifetime.

Odds are it’s true, and that Sony is being forced to do it because the machine has a Blu-ray player inside.

  1. Kotaku isn’t a credible source any ways, of of what the report is based on connector or rumor.
  2. No such thing as DRM Law, There are DRM technology, DRM software. There is copyright law, but the current law allows for this. There copyright law that goes into the realm of digital media. But overriding or breaking DRM in it self not a crime due to A your allowed your own back ups, and B the First Sales Doctrine
  3. HD support via Component cables is part of the HD standards.
  4. 13 Inch CRT monitors don’t need no HD images. HDMI is expected to take over in the next 5 to ten years any ways, where only higher end Monitors/TV sets will still have composite and component inputs.
  5. Sony owns the fricking rights to Blu-ray since they invented the format.

Fuck the AACS, the AACS isn’t Law. The AACS is an agreement between Corporations and the changes only cover newly manufactured units.

You could always run via HDFury.

Even if you can’t break HDCP and can’t get sound from HDMI, you can actually set the PS3 to output audio through the other port. So all you need is a solution that can accept audio inputs from that.

This is just for BR movies, they said they will still support component for hd gaming and streaming.

Sony is already forcing players to use component instead of HDMI for capturing/streaming PS3 gameplay because of their use of HDCP for HDMI gameplay output. If Sony removes even that option for some reason, then I’d probably just stop recording/streaming PS3 games entirely, since the 360 allows me to record all of the HDMI gameplay I want without any restrictions, and there aren’t all that many games that I care about that are PS3-exclusive.

That said, odds are that this rumor is bogus (or, as suggested above, perhaps only applies to movies), but I wouldn’t necessarily put it past Sony.

It’s not like they are removing it from all current PS3s, only from the new K models and for Blu-Ray movies (supposedly).

It is true, I work at a Gamestop and this memo was sent to us by Sony. All new models of the PS3 will not be compatible with component cables. Older models will remain unaffected.