Sony trying to destroy gaming tournaments for good


May be old news, but its the first ive heard

If this went through, organizing any sort of gaming tourny would be insane.

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what? seems kind of ass backwards with the way they are taking the situation with second-hand game sales

XBOX One will play used games. But you have to pay

Sony is fucking ridiculous when it comes to this shit. They put out some pretty amazing exclusives, but in terms of customer service and their “solutions” to problems involving their products they are just a heaping pile of shit.

I paid 60 bucks for the game, so I damn well should be able to use it however I see fit within the extent of the law. And that definitely includes being able to pop in my copy of Sony Smash Bros in a friend’s PS3. They can’t possibly think that this is a good idea when even services like Steam allow you to play things you purchased on multiple devices.

But then again, we’re talking Sony here…


Not happening. All Microsoft and Nintendo would have to do is announce that they can play 2nd hand games and win the console wars.


Remember when people/sites were saying the 360/PS3 were going to have this?


Hmm, maybe i should just sit out the next generation of consoles and just watch from the outside. I havent quite liked the cash grab attempts these game corporations keep trying to pull. Work on some past gen games i never got to play. I only have eight games on the PS3 anyway.


Before they do this, they better make damn sure all the game developers are able to rise to the challenge of having no one buy their games if they even get the remotest amount of bad press…you can pretty much kiss sales goodbye on any game that’s gonna tap out around the 8 hour mark as well, probably be a deathstroke to any single player game.


Moving to GD since this isn’t FGD. :tup:


And people wonder why I always had something against Sony. Almost every console they “think” about doing something stupid.

Thank god microsoft is around to compete.


This will kill games like mgs and uncharted those games are full of water cooler moments


I don’t think Sony would do this alone. I’m sure the other two would be 100% on board with the idea should the technology be made available.

Just like people said AT&T is going to lose so many customers to Verizon because of data caps then Verizon implemented them too. Microsoft and Nintendo will see a large competitor increasing their revenue via this method regardless of how many consoles are sold. Remember, they make money on games not consoles.

The title of this thread is incredibly misleading too


weird since the big companies have helped sponsored tournaments.


Nintendo would throw it straight back to hell… Nintendo would be the choice then = 7 MORE YEARS


I don’t know what this has to do with anything, but now that MGO is dead, used copies of MGS4 will at the bottom of the bargain bin. It will eventually get to the point where they have to bury all used copies of the game in a desert. I already threw my copy out once the servers were dead because I’ll never touch that trash single player again.

(fuck white people)


This will only make people pirate games and hack consoles. Bravo Sony, fucking geniuses.

Why don’t they invest more in developing consoles that they can actually make a return on instead of rushing out shitty hardware trying to be first to market.

…all bluray devices maybe??


I posted this on the PS3 thread. My main concern is what happens several months down the road when a game is no longer available new. I like to track down old games, and I would like to be able to play them on my system. It’s hard enough finding certain games, and now Sony might make it impossible to find PS4 games once they’re off the market.

Basically, if they follow through on their patent, I won’t be buying a PS4, and they might as well bow out of the console race.

EDIT: If they do in fact lock out used games, there is hope that the courts will force them to remove the tech. Nintendo once tried to prevent Blockbuster from renting out NES games and they lost the trial.


As far as consoles go, the only thing I like about Sony these days is the d-pad.


I read about this the other day. It gets fuzzy, especially considering this is an offline feature (no internet access required), but gives no mention about what to do when you own multiple consoles, or if your console breaks.

This might just be for their handhelds though, no mention of a specific console was ever listed.


I can’t think of any other industry that tries to fuck over the consumer so hard. Instead of offering a better product, they just try to take away the consumer’s options.


I won’t buy it.