Sony's PS3 Soundbar

Does anybody own a PS3 soundbar? I’m thinking about getting one for my bedroom to hook up to the PS3/Evo Monitor setup, since the Evo monitor speakers are terrible. I’ve read some reviews and the things I’ve seen are that the in-game sound is really good, the movie sound is mediocre and the music sound is terrible, but there is a nice “night gaming” feature to keep sound from travelling to the next room at night. I am pretty close to pulling the trigger, but do not want to pick it up if the sound is simply terrible. I’m wondering if the reviews were comparing it to normal TV speakers, or other surround sound/soundbar setups, and would like the input of someone who has had hands-on experience.


I have tried a sound bar before in bestbuy. It is likely to be a hell lot better then your Evo speaker, and even some real TV speaker. But for the price, most bookshelf speaker will beat it in either price or quality.

The surround sound effect is not good, but the directional feeling is indeed there and will be better then any standard 2 speakers set up. If room is a premium or wiring 4 speaker is not possible. This is an acceptable alternative.

We have one here at work, it’s a waste of money. For that amount, you can get a decent little sound system on sale somewhere. Don’t bother.

That’s what I figure, too.

Better off investing in something at least 5.1…

The soundbar is fairly cheap on technology at its price. It’s just stereo…2.1 sound. PS3 is capable of way better sound and more encompassing directions than that.

The best sound systems still cost hundreds of dollars and you can go crazy with the best quality speakers, too, but in the end most of really don’t want to pay for a sound system that costs more than the game system!

Keep in mind though that more BD movie titles are being released now with 7.1 sound capacity. 5.1 is still more often than not the norm, and a good 7.1 receiver will still cost a bit more than a 5.1 receiver… The best units DO NOT come with speakers. Those have to be bought separately.

You definitely get what you pay for, though.