Soo vs settle it once and for all

how about taking them both out of the 5 on 5 and have them do a best of 7 as its own event…

i think it would fucking rule and would be a great way to settle it once and for all.

Because no matter who wins, people from both sides are going to call bullshit for whatever stupid reason. I doubt this will ever be settled

So true.:frowning:

whether this happens or not, it won’t matter. Unless it’s during the actual tournament, whatever side loses will say it’s bullshit and that it doesn’t count because it didn’t happen during the tournament. If it’s meant to be, let it come naturally. In tournament play. And then when that happens, hopefully all the bitching will be settled.

So make there be money involved.

the point of a best of 7 is that the better player (that day) would win. it’d be a lot harder to dismiss a best of 7 than a single game in the 5x5. if soo wins, he gets vindication proving last year’s 5x5 was no fluke. if justin wins then last years 5x5 match will be vindicated proving no one is better than he is. if they don’t meet at evo then everyone will claim that soo never got the chance to beat him.

Better yet do something bigger like best out of 9, 11, or 13. Best out of 7 might even be a bit short, and make sure both of them play in their comfortable setting or whatever. Nobody can really dispute someone winning best out of 13. People will still probably bitch, but the cold hard evidence of them winning best out of 13…well, I think whoever won it could just get their own personal satisfaction from it and fuck what everyone else says. They won fair and square, and were the better player on the day. Besides, it would be a major side event that everyone wants to see, and would be hyped about, regardless of the outcome. And people in general seem to wanna see it, even if they call bullshit on it afterwards. Just make sure all of the controls and such are set up well, and yeah…

I don’t even care about MvC2 but I still wanna see it.

PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BITCH NO MATTER WHO WINS…BECAUSE ITS ON CONSOLE …but if ya really wanna do this thing… take it down stairs to the CALPOLY ARCADE…although last time i went the MvC2 cabinet was broken:(

Justin of course. Does this really need to be settled? Justin won MvC2 for 3 years in a row at nationals.

One match in the 5 on 5 doesn’t mean much, sure it was rape but Soo didn’t beat anyone else from the top 8.

how about so mighty make it to the finals instead of getting peaced out early then he can play justin where it matters

Yeah. That shit is pretty ignorant.

Justin has NOTHING to prove. I think 3 years in a row is enough. Money matches don’t mean shit. It’s all about the big tournament setting.

no wonder soo doesn’t seem to like you

I don’t even know Soo. So whatever, I never talked to him or did anything to him, not my style.

Truth is, people talk alot of shit and cause alot of drama for me. That’s why I stay away from the scene. But I’m straight with everyone and I don’t talk shit.

Anyway… I mean, just take it to the tournament yknow.

It’s everyone else who builds up the drama, all I said is that Justin has nothing to prove. Soo has mad skills no doubt, better than I ever will be at that game.

And yeah, I think if anyone can beat Justin its Soo, its just that it would be way doper to see that shit in the Evo2k4 finals than money matches

First to 10 for $100.


justin has shit to prove to soo. its so stupid. justin has proved to the world for the past, what, 3-4 years that he’s the absolute best. soo comes along and beats him one stupid game and all of a sudden all the nuthuggers expect justin to prove his game like those 3-4 years of domination meant jack shit. justin doesn’t have to prove SHIT. if anything, it’s soo’s job to get to the finals of a big tourney and beat him. its all on his shoulder. justin has defended his title back to back to back to back now. he’s at the top. YOU come get him.

Tru that justin has nothing to prove since he has been dominating for awhile not many ppl are on his lvl. BUT ppl that are around his lvl are coming close to winning when it counts (Row,Kuan,Mixup and Sanford comes to mind). Soo’s main team if im correct is M/S/P and he also plays santhrax. But M/S/P is so random and he is innovative wit it and anything can happen his resets are amazing the team can win in his hands. Justin is an incredible player i’ve seen it in person but i think he is holding back his real team all these teams he picks is a distraction from his real team. Will watever happens it has to happen at evo cause that is “The Show”. Well thats my 2 1/2 cents peaceout…:cool:

Either way it will be a dope match. Soo is getting alot better… and Justin, well… what can you say? He’s just the best… we’ll see though.

man if everyone that went to evo gave a dollar winner take all that would be fire but niggas don’t have their 1’s up