Soo....what's next?

Heyo, this is meant for the SoCal area peeps, but applies also the TvC community in general.

The TvC crew has done a great job of representing what TvC has to offer @ EVO. It’s no doubt that the tourney has grabbed people’s attention to the game(vids of the finals are everywhere, but I can’t locate the winners/losers brackets matches). After introducing my Vegas roommate to TvC, even he bought a Hori stick!

As a result, EVO has just given TvC a new breath of life that should last until the release of MvC3.

This sounds all cool and everything, but what’s next? After EVO, what is the next event to work towards? For SoCal, I’m assuming the Level Up event ( coming up in two weeks will help, but anything else?

I’m sure things will POP up over time! Just have to wait and see, but at least have level up, which will ne consistent!

Rotan(Rob) is planning a stream for you socal guys so you guys can look out for that. MW I’m going to try to get a stream up myself but it want be soon.

What I’m curious about is if there’s anyone in the SoCal scene that’s actually from San Diego. I was excited to move here and learn TvC cos there seems to be a lot of good players here, but you’re all in L.A and Orange County!

I’m sure some of us would be down to head to San Diego for some sessions, and probably vice versa.

tvc scene i need ur help!!!

get people interested/tell people that there is going to be east coast tourneys, namely tell people that tvc is planned and tell them to talk to/pm bad fish about it!!

i wanna make this game have a dedicated scene help me out fellow west coast tvc peeps!!

first things first, answer your own PMs, lol