***SOLD TO ibeatu.








Pm’d an emailed

And with that, waiting for deposit from ibeatu. Until further notice, pending deposit does not mean it’s sold yet, so anybody else interested, please contact me.

Man ibeatu, you been selling stuff.
But you still buying.

One has to go to get one in.

i know dammit cant help it :frowning:

but this is the only one i wanted to see if its ever worth trying to get a vlx

i brought my collection way down though i had like 36 now i have like 18 i think will sell some more and if i dont like this 1 will sell it right back :slight_smile:

Pictures were added.

replied to ur email a few mins ago james :slight_smile:

money sent thanks

what was the asking price on this if you dont mind me asking? just curious.

Was $180.

ah ok, appreciate it.

Mind if I ask why you sold it? Bought a HRAP3 SA & didn’t like it compared to a Madcatz TE. I really want a v3 but not sure what’s a good price, thx!

to get evo funds if i dont like it ill be selling it as well

Hey Jimmy. I actually liked the V3-SA set up alot, but I also have a standard HRAP3 and Madcatz TE all done up. The Madcatz TE is a bit too heavy to lug around in my opinion. HRAP3 is perfect in size/weight and feels better with the slant in the casing design, but without the cable compartment. Plus blast city layout felt > than vewlix. My experience with the V3-SA is pretty limited, but I noticed the weight difference as it was lighter than the TE. I don’t really rest my hands on the front slant which people were concerned (or appreciated) about the V3-SA. Anyhow, the V3-SA is a solid stick for the money cuz it’s got all the right tools to get the job done, but if you like the weight of the Madcatz, then I might suggest you stick with the TE. I’d say $180-200 is a decent price because play-asia is selling for approximately $200 shipped (for a retail location and plus you can get some 5% coupons from there I believe).

Yeahhh, I’m raising funds to get to EVO =) Thanks ibeatu.


Yeah, I’ve got a couple TE sticks (MvC2 & TE: S) but would like a few more if it’s a great product. I had a HRAP3 SA & felt it wasn’t sturdy (too hollow compared to the TE) & didn’t like the palm rest area so I sold it recently. I’d actually prefer it to be heavy b/c I use it on a table, not on my lap. Thx for the suggestions. Yeah, I’ve seen it for $200 shipped on Play-Asia. Also, someone on eBay currently has the Amazon Japan version for $250 shipped however I’m not sure I can justify $250 on it although it’s tempting.

That stick is beautiful… , enjoy it ibeatu