SooMighty VS Dark Prince, Finesse vs Duc Do Money Match Pt 2

Dark Prince wants to run it back. Waiting on Soo

Possibly money rematch between CYF/George/Hadouken and Dark Prince as well.

Finesse and Duc also might be running back the money match this time FT10 and at a different location. (Watson, get at me to set this up)

Details will be up shortly.

Get Hype.

Matches will be recorded ONLY if both parties agree to it.


hopefully matches will be played with sticks that work this time

i didnt accept yet. i didnt even kno he wanted to run it back lol. depends on where he wants to play and how much.

i asked you at all amusement lol…FT10 not sure where yet…for $100 again i think, i’ll let you know

WHEN??? n WHERE???

^^^ dunno yet, need to talk to the players a bit, just wanted to give a heads up this time cuz the last 3 big money matches had no time for hype

if this goes down, please try to film it (^_^)

Dark Prince didn’t say anything about this except that I never back down from money matches. Wong hit me up and asked if I would play you for money again and I said yes. I could really care less to tell you the truth. I simply said if you want to play me I’ll never back down and ill keep playing. One thing I do know is that I’m not driving 2 hours again for another money match. You guys never drive to my city to play.

whatever you wanna do mang. Im not challenging you or anyone else. never have. my money match with you and duc was introduced to me by other people. my motto is kinda like yours. whoever challenges i accept.

whatever, as long as i get to see a rematch lol

i’ll hit u both up later to set this shit up…looks like we might have to make a trip out to rialto this time around

no way in hell are we playing at rubillionaire’s place tho, i rather pay you money just NOT to play there

“cats, cats, cats, cats, cats, cats, cats, cats everywhere”