Damn. soon we’ll be in the 20s again. So if you missed the 20s then you’ll see the 20s again very soon. 7 years or so?..


So will I be lynched for eyeing white women…or jailed for handling liquor?


Or whistling around a white woman?


No but white women will make sure you don’t get to enjoy your precious video games you shameful, penis wielding, rapist!!


Good thing I picked my zoot suit up from the cleaners.


I haven’t seen a ‘Soon’ thread since I regulared the Blizzard forums.


Soon we will enter a new golden age of Animation as billions are entranced by Steamboat Miku and her hypnotic ass shaking to steamy J-pop beats.


are hip hop artists gonna start sampling ragtime? maple leaf rag would make a dope beat imo


Flappers are coming back?


The foundations for a Great Depression once again?


Sometimes threads just get lower and lower with 0 replies.

Occasionally, this happens, and it’s like, “What the fuck?”





Pinstripes. Speakeasies.

That’s actually all I can think of that I want to come back from the 1920s.


Guess I better brush up on my 1920s slang then.

In case ya need some help:


Goodie beat me to it: Speakeasies


I’ll finally live my dream of being a hard boiled detective!