Sooo... rules for selling comics

Can I do that here? Or do I have to take it to the trading outlet?

So long as you keep it in one thread I don’t mind. Like for example, don’t create a new thread for every comic you have.

The only other thing is keep the thread about selling comics. Don’t ask people to tell you the prices of your comics and say that you will pay them to do it, anything other than selling actual comics belongs in Trade Outlet.

Sano: Right on, that’s exactly the answer I was looking for. Thanks!


no one wants your supergirl shit

(well i know i dont)

Actually, I’m keeping all my SG stuff, I love it too much. It’s everything else I want to get rid of.

Enjoy your infraction.

If you have problems with the OP for whatever reason, take it up with him elsewhere but keep it out of my forum.


what you selling?