Sooo what's up with Super Turbo?

Well, apparently at Evolution, somehow it was found out that ST in CCC2 has input lag (old news by now I’m sure). I’m not sure why it took almost a year to notice it, but now things are back to square one.

Or are they?

This is a question to ST players, OG or new, that compose the community nowadays.

What’s going on? Are people still going to go with CCC2? Are they going back to the Dreamcast version? AE with ST characters?

What’s up?

(If any of this information is incorrect, pleast let me know and I will edit it accordingly).

Trying to figure out what to do for our next tourney, I talked to people like Justin and NKI and everyone said use the DC ver for now, despite its faults. It’s def a shame about CCC2.

Justin doesn’t even like ST, I’m surprised he gave you advice on the matter ;p.

So going with the Dreamcast version is just the lesser of two evils then?

Also (not pointing fingers) why did it take so long to figure out there was input lag?

I think people need to put some more valid research out besides the speeds that the levels go at, I’m not sure if i believe the whole input lag yet.

Dreamcast (IMHO) is like cheese. . . delicious!

I honestly don’t know why it took so goddamn long for people to notice. I noticed it was off the first time I played it. The only version I played before CCC2 was on my xbox via emulator. The emu was not perfect, but CCC2 felt messed up from the start.

Gian and his crew were in my hotel room the night before Evo, and the first thing he says after playing CCC2 is that there is lag and canceled his money matches.

There was talk in Seattle about using the PSX version. :bluu: Iunno if they followed through though. They mighta’ went back to AE w/ ST characters only since that was their other alternative.


So… out of all the main 2D fighters, ST has the worst options to choose from? That sucks for ST heads…

I heard that as well, but has this been confirmed?

As of now all I’m seeing is ‘it feels different / wrong’.


Not blaming either, but from what I remember:

After our tourney last December, OH’s main ST players and Justin all said they didn’t like it. Sirlin posted in our thread though saying it was arcade emulation, so basically perfect, and we needed to play in arcade mode, not vs. And a lot of other people (I think DSP chiefly, correct if wrong Phil) defended CCC2 from then on, and that was a wrap.

NKI told me too that everyone canceled their MMs after trying at it Evo too.

After popping in the DC ver (I never played ST back when, and I never ever tried the DC copy), there is def lag on CCC2. Not to mention the speeds are very off on CCC2, and even differs btw stages. I understand complaints about DC hitbox issues, but it’s stable and has no lag, at least. I think it is a lesser-of-the-evils thing.

Fuck it let’s just do 3DO. Or better yet the DOS version, at least it has a better soundtrack. That hot synth guitar.

My understanding was that dreamcast hardware had lag regardless. Isn’t that why no body liked 3s on Dreamcast? Doesn’t that mean that the Dreamcast lags for ST also or was 3s just a random case?

The timing is off, so that probably screws everything up. Some tests by the seattle screw have revealed that sometimes Speed 2 is faster than 3, and speed 3 is off completely. I am sure that has something to do with it feeling “off”.


I believe the reason for CCC2 being used is because by the time EVO rolled around, there was no point in switching. Zass made a great post in the EVO forum proposing that the Evo standard be changed, but the thread was eventually closed.

So… play CCC2 in Arcade mode, not Versus, and most problems will be resolved? Doesn’t input lag effect the game in general though, regardless of what mode you’re playing in?

Same shit all around.

DC hardware itself does not randomly lag – Marvel would be dead if that was the case, haha. The 3s port is just jacked.

CCC2 lags in both modes. I think I read that on CCC1 has the same lag, but I haven’t played the HF port on there in awhile to check.

Let’s hope HD Remix is arcade perfect.

/Wit it.

Lots of trouble trying to play st, sheesh.

ST is hopeless.

My boy Jason (he has the arcade board for the game) told me about the problems with CCC2 ST so I knew about them for a while.

Why did it take everyone so long to notice? Denial? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the standard should be AE with ST only, but at this point, we can all forget about arcade perfect, has been that way for a good while now.

we’re running outta dreamcasts son :frowning: