Sooooo Close!


Hello folks! I had a previous login to this forum years ago… don’t remember it… I wanna say it was dj something something or other… anyway… didn’t think I’d be back… but my recent SCART experiment had me soooo excited, this the only place I thought I could share it.

Ever since the rise of HD TVs, I’ve had trouble trying to play some of my older systems of course… stuff that was usually played on an SD type of display like a CRT or something… It wasn’t too much of a big deal since I was starting to move on to stuff that matched the tech (going from xbox to xbox 360 for example).

Years later, I had the taste for some No Mercy on the Nintendo 64… I thought it would be as simple as buying the system and then getting some sort of adapter/cable to go from the composite to HDMI connection… It seemed to work… for a second.

I heard part of the game’s intro music… maybe saw some images… but it wouldn’t last… it would act as if now input was present. I began research and realized that you can’t just fix the end of the cable to fit the new TV and then it’ll work… I didn’t realize the conversion involved… In fact, I thought that the stuff I had bought to try to regain that feeling of performing ‘snap suplexes’ with an N64 controller were to blame (maybe faulty cartridge… maybe faulty system… maybe faulty composite cable… maybe faulty composite to hdmi adapter). I researched my model TV thinking maybe that was the issue; I found the start to where I needed to go. The TV did not support the resolution of a nintendo 64 (240P I think? or was it less? I forget). I left it alone at that and then gave up for a bit…

But it would not totally go away…

I forget what rekindled the need for some means of playing older systems… it might have been something to do with knowing how some SD games don’t look quite the same even if you somehow get them to display on HD TVs.

I want to say it was a tread here… some one suggested fooling around with SCART.

Which is what I did tonight (after researching some stuff and purchasing some needed items of course)…

TV is a more recent Samsung Smart TV.
Console is a PS2 Slim (later iteration… one right before system’s end…)
Attached to the PS2 is a SCART cable I got from eBay (this is where I’m thinking my current issue might be)
Attached to the TV is a SCART/HDMI to HDMI 720P/1080P Video Converter I got from eBay as well
Game to try out was Final Fantasy XII

Tonight I put the ingredients above in the ‘soup’ and gave it a whirl. I was concerned at first when everything was ‘green’.

I set the date/time on the PS2 and then didn’t think to leave out the game to make sure I check the other settings. The game loaded as soon as the date/time was set… and of course everything was still green.

I powered down the system, and opened the CD try on top. After powering the PS2 back up, I checked the display settings and ended up choosing RGB… that fixed the color issue. So far everything else looked okay.

I was elated when I saw the beginnings to the game’s intro… then all of a sudden some flickering of the screen and then boom… the TV acts as if it isn’t getting any input.

I checked to make sure nothing was overheated… or at least felt hot… I don’t think anything burned out although I don’t have a sense of smell so I can’t tell if something might have did and I just can’t smell it.

Tomorrow I’m going to investigate while its ‘daylight’ and ‘business’ hours… my roommates would probably be pissed if somehow further experimentation at this time of night left us out in the cold as fire fighters hose down our building in the even that I might screw up something bad…

Anyway… good to be back on the forum! Needed to share! :smiley:


moving to tech talk


Go in to your console setting make sure the picture is set to RGB and not the YPBPR color space.
That should get rid of your green cast.


@Trouble Brewing: Thanks! I wasn’t sure if it would be okay to have my first post there.

@Darksakul: Yup! As I mentioned on my post that’s what I ended up doing.

So after my initial post, I ended up trying again… I got to maybe the end of the super long cinema after starting a new game… then the setup zonked out again… I’m thinking either the SCART cable is bad… or the connection into the converter is bad… or maybe further downstream and it might be something in the converter itself…


Was the SCART/HDMI to HDMI 720P/1080P Video Converter you got from eBay is one of these $50 deals (or something similar)
They do the job but they just barely do so.

You also want to check out the pinout of your PS2 scart cable.

There only 2 suppliers I really trust now for Scart cables.
Retro Gaming Cables

and retro_console_accessoriesretro_console_accessories on eBay

They both do fantastic work.


@Darksakul: Thanks! Yeah… the one pictured on the amazon link is the one I bought off eBay.

I’ll check those 2 suppliers out.